My first experience!

You must be wondering what i am going to write about and whats so exciting about an experience that i am making it publicly available to all :D. Ah well! I have been happy like this quite a few times in my life and today i am feeling the same. Eternally happy. I have never been into making arrangements for any sort of engagement or wedding ceremony but it was the engagement of someone really close to me. So i decided to give it a shot. I was so worried and tensed about the whole situation that my mom kept asking me, ”are you doing Okay my child?” You know a bride in our culture is the one who should be treated like a royal person. and the most important element that makes a girl look like a bride is the henna on her hand. It gives a feeling that she is going to be the lady of the evening and shes gonna look the best. I had the pevilidge to arrange a henna expert and it took me two days to do that. Since I didnt wana take any risk and let the bride fall in any sort of trouble. I found a gem who was a bit talkative but her hands and mind were quite creative when it came to making beautiful designs on anyone’s hands. I was just hoping that she does her best and trust me she didn’t let me down. When i heard a Wow from the cousins of bride that made me feel on top of the sky. :) Bride’s mom was really happy to have an arm band henna tatoo on her arm. I wonder it must be looking fantastic on her arm! It was around 9:30 at night when i was leaving with that henna expert. but i was feeling like i have fulfilled a responsibility that i took :). You know its so astonishing to see how we care for people around us so much that their tasks and resposibilities seem like our own and we try to get them done by hook or by crook. If we try to take things so serious so i think we can turn into really responsible human beings and can be a role model for evrybody out there. GOD bless!


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