Well some moments back, I was having a chit chat with my mother and she pointed out something on my face that brought my attention to something that really has an importance in our lives. Its all about how you present yourself and let your inner self get molded in it. I do believe in the ultimate fact that what lies inside a person determines his beauty but you know what, nobody can see your inner self unless you get acquainted with that person.
There are two sides of getting yourself noticed among a lot of people. One is to be presentable, attractive, neat and tidy whereas if you want to go other way round then you can remain untidy, smelly and creepy and yet try to be social. That usually doesn’t work out.

No matter wherever you go, be it a family gathering, a job interview, a wedding ceremony or just a casual party at a friend’s place, one has to show signs of presentation in him. Its not that difficult, trust me. Select something comfortable to wear which you thinks suits you. Stay calm and relaxed. make a cool hairstyle and you are ready to go! Wait! don’t miss out on something very important. Keep a lovely smile on your face. This will definitely help you in interacting with people and there will a development of interest between you and them. Smile is the key of presentation and if you manage to maintain it then I guess you got it all my dear! Keep smiling and keep loving!


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