Power breakdown in Karachi!

I was just wondering how to start a brand new session of my posts on the blog and certainly a terrible incident came in my mind that made me login to wordpress and write something about it.

It was a nice breezy evening of 17th June when I was with my sister on the tour de’ shopping. We discovered the new and cheap market in town and decided to grab some stuff from there. When we headed to home, it was quite a disappointment to see the regular load shedding. We were relaxed as we knew it is just a matter of an hour but to our surprise it took more than 20 hours for the electricity department to resume the power breakdown.

I came across some really bizarre forward msgs that made me realize the level of immaturity and illeteracy among the people. Since it was quite an unsual power breakdown and everybody was feeling the heat, i guess the only option left with them was to bug people. There were sms’s like the eastern province is being bombarded with enemy planes due to power breakdown so pray for the nation’s safety. I wonder thousands of people must have been forwarding things like that and bugging the innocent citizens of our nation.

My dear friends! I understand the state of mind when you have to suffer the loss of something. I also understand that the flare of killing the electricity authorities and hitting them so hard that they never cut off electricity again, emerges in most of the citizens of our country. Believe me! I feel the same way. But try to undestand this fact that if we remain cool and calm, pray to GOD, have some patience and tolerance then even the problems can be resolved. Getting out on streets and opening fire is not the solution to the problem. It can kill people and who knows someday you may be killing your own child? Remember! if you will give someone some time to get a problem solved, you will get the same treatment under pressure!


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