This is probably the very first post of my “Dailies” section of blog. Since I love to write and have been writing for quite some time, i thought of giving myself a chance to share my daily interesting experiences when I travel all over the city for hours , either shopping, going to uni versity, or just chilling out with friends. The whole idea of starting this came into my mind due to several incidents that have come across in front of me but I was unable to share them with anyone despite of the fact I have a huge social circle. May be they were not worth sharing before but now I feel that bringing them to people would actually change the thinking pattern of some of the people out there who do not pay much attention to whats happening around. Trust me! Every thing in life has a purpose. Even a particle of air has a purpose.
Before starting of with MY DAILIES, let me share you a bit insight of me that will help you to understand the scenarios in a better way. I am a 23 year old student who loves to travel. Have been blessed with opportunities to travel to USA twice and couple of cities of Pakistan once. An important part of my routine is that one and a half hour journey from home to university which might be tiresome but enlightening for me everyday. I do have access to the campus bus service but mostly I am too lazy to wake up at 6 in the morning to catch it rather I like to sit in the wrecking seat of the public bus for atleast an hour and explore the world. Every single day i see new people. new faces, new aspirations, expressions, emotions, feelings, odors, verses on the roof, painted colors, wall chalking and what not. I feel this is something I have been sent in this world for. To OBSERVE and DISCOVER!.
Ha! long pause. I have that sense of ownership in me that keeps me attached to the world. This place is mine, city is mine, country is mine. The hidden secrets in small things are the only entities that will take us somewhere in the future. I hope this little effort of mine will be a catalyst to it. :)
Keep visiting for dailies by me! The journey starts from tomorrow.
Bon voyage!


12 thoughts on “MY DAILIES !

    • kulsoom says:

      Thanks Komal!

      Well you will be happy to hear that its just a month in my graduation INSHALLAH :). So this 4 year effort is gonna sum up very soon.

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