And the journey begins :)

Its a brand new Sunday morning and I am feeling completely relaxed and full of new ideas and innovations running through my mind! Since this will be the first story to share out of hundreds that I want to share, It has to be something that was seriously a turning point in my life.

It was a hot sunny day at campus. I remember those days we were searching for good furniture for our new house. Anyhow, I got off early and took the shortest possible route to reach Clifton to see my sister and go for shopping. I changed the bus from korangi, and the bus started crawling on the road. With anger and anxiety, I was already so frustrated that I will get late and eventually will get into some stupid argument with my sis.

After about half an hour, the bus stopped on the the stop which is near a park at korangi, which is usually a hub of public buses. A woman rode the bus, found a place for her ( which was right in front of me) and started talking to the driver. She wasn’t Fatima Jinnah, Bilquis Edhi, Mukhtara Mai or some well known celebrity but she was an influential woman who took me to such an aura of myself that I had not seen before.

Let me tell you how she looked like which was the first thing that made her look unique among everyone out there. She wore black, torn clothes, had short hair like a boy. Wore dark glasses, , some bands on her arm that gave an idea of her association with some religious . Ate beetlenut which was all over her mouth giving stinky smell around.

I was lost in my thoughts, thinking about my final year project, traveling to USA, my friends, my mom who was waiting for me to get home and what not. Suddenly something caught my attention and that was sound of a Naat-e-rasool ( S.A.W) being recited by that woman in a loud noise. Considering that she might be cranky, i ignored at once. Then she started smoking and I being allergic to it, didn’t like it much. She got an idea that i was uncomfortable, so she threw it away. Matter of fact she gave it to the driver and ate a packet of paan masala.

I found all this pretty insane. She started talking to a woman beside her and all she was saying was, “Mera ALLAH hai aur mera Rasool hai . Mai raaja bhi hun aur raani bhi hun”. ( I am on the support of ALLAH and his prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), I am the prince and I am the princess). I was so hoping that she doesn’t start talking to me but eventually she saw me staring at her and from then onwards our conversation began.

Going with the flow? Come back tomorrow to see what kind of conversation she had that made me remember her in every single day of my life. :)


8 thoughts on “And the journey begins :)

  1. Waiting.. :)
    Oh I just wanted to ask, the black torn dress of hers that you’ve mentioned, was it an abaya (jilbab)? The black gown? You said you thought she was associated with a religious group cause of her appearance.

    • kulsoom says:

      No no, it was just black shalwar kameez. She looked like as if she went to some tomb or mazaar of some saint regularly.

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