And the journey begins part 2 :)

Thank you all for your humble responses and I am glad to post the second and yet the final part of the story now. Hope that will be worth waiting for…

So when this lady ended up her conversation with the one sitting beside her, she turned to me and started speaking extempore without thinking what she was saying.  Let me quote the dialogues so it gives you an exact idea of the conversation.

Lady: “Hamain kisi se darr naii lagta. Yeh jo sadar hai na, yeh hamara kuch nahi bigaar sakta. goli maar denge isko. Kiu k ham raaja bhi hain aur raani bhi hain..”

Me: (Smiling and trying to ignore)

Lady: “Hamare abba jaan buhat bare aadmi thay. hamai buhat chahte thay. ham gaana bhi gaate hain, sunayen?”

(Before I answered she started singing and old hindi song).

Lady:”Tumhe pata hai meri umar kia hai? mai 37 saal ka hun magar koi mujhe aunty kehta hai, koi naani aur koi khaala. magar ham bura nahi maante. hamara dunya mai koi nahi na. 2 bhaai hain bas magar woh kehte hain ham is pagal ko ghar mai nahi rakhen ge. magar ham pareshan nahi hote kiu k hamara ALLAH hai aur Rasool hai bas”.

(This was the moment when I forgot everything and started to take interest in what she was saying. I really don’t know whether she was lying or not but one thing was for sure that she had been through some trauma that made her that way. )

Lady : “Tumhara naam kia hai?”

Me: “Huma” ( was scared to tell my real name )

Lady: “Aray hamara bhi to naam huma hai, milao haath”.

(I don’t know what compelled me to shake hands with her but let me tell you, it was one of the warmest hand shakes i had ever experienced )

“Lady” : Tumhari shadi ho gayee?

Me: “Nahi. abhi mai buhat chhotee hun”.

Lady : “Tumhari behnon ki shadi ho gayee?”

Me: “Nahi.”

Lady : “‘Ham apne wali se dua karen ge tumharee behnon ki shadi k lye. Abhi ham wahan chadar charha k aa rahe hain. aik woh hain, aik hamara ALLAH aur aik Rasool. ”

( I was just smiling and listening to her and was thinking about the fact that what is that force that keeps her going despite she is bedridden, lost, deceived, detached.)

Lady: “Tumhe pata hai beti, ham namaz nahi parhte, roze ham rakh nahi sakte kiu k beemar rehte hain. yeh paan waghera ki wajah se”.

Me : “Ap yeh nasha chorr kiu nahi detee hain? sehat k lye acha nahi hota.”

Lady: “Bas yeh ham nahi chorr sakte.”

Me : “Koshish kerain”.

Lady: “Beta deen sirf roze rakhne ka naam nahi. yeh insan k andar hota hai. bas aik baar soch lo k ALLAH tumhare sath hai aur Rasool bhi, sab theek ho jaye ga.”

( Now it was time to go. I ask the conductor to stop the bus at clifton since that was the place where i wanted to go. But I wish it had not come so earlier and I could hear more from her. I stood up, shook hand with her, said bye to her and stepped down)

My mind was in a completely different state. I felt as if that lady hypnotized me. The entire time I was with my sister for shopping, i kept talking about her, thinking about her.

She gave me a lesson of how to have a strong and firm faith on your Creator, your Almighty who is so close to you that you don’t even realize while doing anything. No matter how pathetic the situation of your life is, HE is the one who will have mercy and will take care of you. And this faith of yours will lead you to success and prosperity in life and hereafter.

Long pause :). See how someone you don’t know can make a difference in your life like that. I don’t know where she is, I don’t know who she was. But i learned from her the art of living and being yourself while having a faith that nothing can harm you unless you want!

waiting for your replies :)


18 thoughts on “And the journey begins part 2 :)

  1. Javeria says:

    True… !!

    I’ve heard some where may be its a saying… its that
    “Is dunya mai har koi ik dosray ko koi lesson dainay k liye bana hai…” Sometime people came in your life and gave a lesson in ur life and Sometimes you gave to them :)

  2. Firasat says:

    you never know, how a single person, a complete stranger can influence your life!!! but its a strange life with strange incidents :):):)

  3. Sarwat Murtaza says:

    wow! kulsum bajii greaaaat work.. (Y) I really liked how you put that each and every single detail which makes this story much more intresting.. :)

  4. Yasmeen says:

    Kulsoom, really learnt a lesson from your story, jazakAllah, it has increased the level of pride I have for my mother, now I could exactly understand what my mother always say.

    I have been hearing these words from my mom since my childhood, whenever we ask her to take care, she says, Mera tu Allah hey or us ka Rasool hey saath mien, I used to hear these sentences many times in a day and second thing she is always thankful to Allah. when she offers prayers, she say thanks to Allah, that He has made her heart to pray. (my mom has never been in any trauma, she has lived a normal home life and she is mashaAllah happy and energetic all the time (may Allah always keep her this way.Ameen). She is very brave and never afraid of saying what is right. I am not saying all this as she is my mother, but she is a great person.MashaAllah

    Thankx again

    • kulsoom says:

      I really appreciate the fact that you shared your feelings for your mother with all of us via this forum . I just hope and pray that may all the kids learn the best from their mothers . AAMEEN

  5. Hibah says:

    What a lovely little story. I have to hand it to you for shaking hands with her. But the lesson you learned from her and we all did from you is very important. I can actually feel myself thinking towards positivity right now.

  6. yasir abdi says:

    interesting story. but the story telling impressed me more. can hardly wait to read more. keep up the good work :)

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