Hillarious yet thoughful

It was such a pleasure to see an overwhelming response from all of you on my blog. I am sure you all will make it possible to reach in the list of popular blogs. Wasn’t too sure which story to share today but this recent incident which i have already shared with my fellows, is urging me to share it with a number of people out there . Sorry for staying out of touch for a while due to beezee schedule :D

This story is by far in the list of my favorites. It was a nice evening when I was returning home from an interview at defence. I got dropped at cantt station from the bus and was waiting for another one to come that goes directly to my home. Surprisingly it came in couple of minutes but the problem was that, there was no seat to sit. Anyhow i decided to stand as it was already too late to reach home and started digging my bag for a ten rupee note to be given to conductor who was demanding the ticket fee after every other minute.

There was some interesting conversation going on between couple of ladies about the rising prices of gas and electricity and some domestic issues regarding the marriages of girls at early age which took my entire attention to them. I started staring at them and they looked at me as if i was an amusing person, trying to entertain them . :)

All of a sudden the bus stopped at PIDC bridge because the driver just managed to put the breaks in order to survive from an accident. Everybody started wondering what had happened. An Alto came in front of the bus. 4 men stepped out and asked the driver to come out. After a short argument, the driver managed to pull over the bus and started back his journey. I was happy that now I will reach home in time. After 5 minutes or so, the same car again came in front of the bus. This time a new man was seen along with the other three who were same people that came out of car previously. This really frustrated me. I thought of stepping down the bus but then i was like, it will even be a bigger problem if i don’t get transport. Anyhow after the second attempt, it was looking like everything is cool between the Alto people and the driver. Guess who was wrong? The great Kulsoom :D.

Here is the best part of the story. Now the car pulled over in front of Bahria College M.T khan road. The driver and conductor as usual stepped down to resolve the problem on a final note. 3 of the women belonging to same ethnic background as of driver stepped down as well saying some obnoxious things that really made me laugh.. With due apologies they were some curse words in urdu with some mixture of their language. So this lady gang went to those people to support the driver and it was so amusing to see that what couple of men couldn’t resolve, was being resolved by the lady gang. After 10 minutes or so, another bus of the same route pulled over. I was so happy to see that all passengers will be shifted to this bus but guess what. The driver and conductor of that bus stepped down and whole wholeheartedly contributed to the argument which was a shock for me and all of the passengers. Now instead of 50 people, 100 people were waiting to get to their homes.

This was the limit, so i decided to ride an auto and reach home.

Many of us experience such kind of incidents on daily basis but never raise our voice to solve such issues. The prime importance of the public transport services should be based on providing comfort to the public and making them reach home in time. Also those who do not even get a scratch on their cars and yet want to argue with whom who accidentally hit em, is a complete nuisance. It becomes responsibility of the constables to take care of such issues and not let the people suffer.

GOD bless my country!


6 thoughts on “Hillarious yet thoughful

  1. Abdullah says:

    lol. waise it would have made me rather frustrated. or angry. depending on how hot the weather was :P

    Nice work.

  2. SiD says:

    YAY! for the lady gang. This is something most of the people go through every now and then and i think its amusing :D

  3. syed asim mahmud (SAM) says:

    wow what a ride ……moral of the story….the lady gang so …..”once again the day was saved by supers khala’s” ………..hehheh :) ;) ….nice article…..

  4. Rida Khan says:

    Hmm…what can i say? Glad that ladies took control of this situation. Would like to see more girls of our society taking incharge of their lives.

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