The scary ride!

Folks! I just cannot resist to share this story with you because whenever I think of that ride, It gives me shivers.

I used to go to Students Inn which is a well reputed coaching for preparation of first year of HSC exams. Since all the branches refused to offer crash courses, I decided to go to Gulshan campus, which is about an hour away from my place. Things were fine when I used to go early in the afternoon and get back home by 8 PM at night. Mostly I used to take a single bus that used to drop me directly at home unless i discovered that there is a better route than the one i choose.

I tried experimenting and that led me NOT to try it anymore. It was summer of 2004. We got off around 7:30 PM in the evening from coaching and I was in a hurry to reach home. I sat in the bus that was going towards Tower. I was quite happy on my achievement that YES, I am such a genius that i discovered a new way to reach home early unless the bus got stuck into a traffic jam. I was the only lady sitting in the bus with a bunch of men around. Due to the traffic jam, the bus driver diverted his route to a well known industrial and rather scary area. It was 9 PM already and my mobile was ringing continuously. With such an atmosphere, I started reciting all the verses and Surahs that were taught to me during past 16 years. This resulted in sending a lady to accompany me in the bus which was such a relief for me.

The traffic jam was so bad that the driver dropped everyone in the middle of the industrial area and he himself blew away with the wind. I had no clue where I was and what transport to take in order to reach home. Thanks to that lady who was accompanying me, who guided me to take another bus that would take additional 45 minutes but drop me home safely. When i made my place in the other bus, the driver was looking so astonishingly at me as if I had done a crime. He was surprised to see that I had taken such a long route to reach home but How could I tell him that it was one of those moments when you are tongue tied and can’t really explain.

After reaching home at 10 PM at night, there was only one thing that could come in my mind.

NEVER act over smart, rather be sensible :)

Life is full of such billion dollar stories, yet we are scared to share them because we are so cautious about our image and stature in the society. You never know your one stupidity can make someone really wise somewhere.

Learn to express!


6 thoughts on “The scary ride!

  1. AFFAN says:

    ooooooooooooo …v scary yaar …thank god u safe…agr us din ghr na ponch pati toh pantene queen kaise bnti…;-P
    good 1

  2. Salman Rana says:

    The message you gave in the end is really good… (Y) we are sometime scared but most of the time we are lazy to share… we want to GET but don’t wants to GIVE bcoz its easy to get, proof of this statements is websites, blogs etc. We google the info which we need but how many of us post/share our knowledge? So, you initiated it very well, now go further and share some more stories/knowledge with others… well done and keep it up.

    • kulsoom says:

      Exactly ! People are scared to initiate and they have this perception that their ideas would be stupid but no IDEA in this world can be stupid because its costing your brain to work out a bit :).

      Thanks for appreciation!

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