Drop any negative thought!

Good day :)

Ever since I have been busy with exams, I was not able to put up any good post on the blog. But from today onwards, I am making a habit of posting as much as I can so that I can share with you the best of the world that you won’t find in books, in news papers, neither anyone will come and tell you those things since they are of mere importance but soon you will realize that these little droplets of water are the essence of a glass filled with water.

I happened to attend this wonderful session yesterday in which we were discussing about bringing positivity in our lives and in the lives of people around us.

All you need to follow is this one little principle. “Drop a negative thought”. Its as simple as dropping the trash in trash can, if it makes sense to you :).

We come across so many things in life. We get frustrated, we feel like killing each other, we feel dishearted, we develop hatred for people around us, we curse ourselves, our families, our families, our homeland and have no one to talk to, which makes it worst. You really don’t know how to go about it and you keep moving on in life with this hatred and negativity unless your mind and soul asks you to clear your conscience and start over!

Its as simple as this. Whenever any negative thought comes in your mind, just ignore it. Drop it. Just assume as if it exists and crash it under your feet, so hard that it can never come back. Seems easy to say yet difficult to implement but once you develop this habit of ignoring negative thoughts, success is going to come you rather you approach success.

Guess what friends! I happened to buy couple of jasmine bangles for my mom last night and she loved them. It not only gave me a positive energy and eternal happiness but also a sense of being privileged to be blessed with the skill of creating a positive atmosphere. Its nothing special yet something really special. Everyone can be privileged. Just a tiny effort is needed to learn the art of dropping negative thoughts :)

Start over a new journey my friends. There is too much of hatred already prevailing in the society. If each of you can make 5 people around them happy then 180 million citizens of our country can make a huge difference in uplifting the nation.

GOD bless!


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