Children are us!

Childhood. Yes this is the age when all the worries seem like a cloud in the sky. When all the goodbyes are just for another tomorrow. When sorrows are wiped away by just a tap on the shoulder and a hug from your best friend. Childhood is an amazing age when your world is limited to your toys, your books, your tiny little bed and your school bag.

Since my dailies comprise of my stories when I travel all around the city, here I would like to share a very common piece of observation. I was going to university the other day and the bus was dominated by a number of males who had occupied female compartment seats as well. A lady with her 4 kids tried to stop the bus and wanted to get in. There was plenty of space beside me so I asked her from the window to come and sit. The driver immediately made the comment that would you pay for those 4 kids who are accompanying her? I was in a deep shock. He even humiliated the woman so bad that she had no other way to move to another transport and this left me in a deep thought.

Ever since I have started travelling in buses, I have observed a very common thing which I have not seen in the western countries. Children and adults are given equal respect and space in public places. Talking about kids who are 8 to 10 years old or may be teenagers, they are grown up kids and need to be given a right to have their own seats in public places. If we try to give preference to adults out of respect, then it is perfectly fine. Humiliating them and asking them to get up forcefully is something totally unbearable.

Remember one thing, we were not born adults. We have been raised in a better place and better atmosphere than alot of people who don’t even have enough resources for day to day survival. If civilized people like us will continue such kind of behaviors in public places then I am sure things can never be brought to light.

Observe, think and discover a new way of living..


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