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Many of us keep wondering how to spare time for things that are really minor yet possess a great importance in our lives. Yes! there are moments when you want to be with your loved ones rather than at work. At times friends are your priorities over family gatherings. Sometimes sitting alone at the beach to give time to your own self and analyze what is going on in life, is on the hit list. Altogether you will come across hundreds of situations on daily basis that ask you to pick and choose between some situations and leave the rest, considering them less important and leaving them for some other time. Difficult? Not really. Trust me. :) Let me share a story with you that will definitely help you out in choosing the best quality time for you!

I recently graduated from Engineering School and immediately started working which was indeed a good sign. Yet I could not take a gap of even a single day to spare some time with my beloved friends and family. I was left in the middle of no where since one side of the story is really exciting because I am working at my favorite place that I have volunteered at for past 6 years and have a long term association with it. Secondly I have my family and closely related friends who also need me to be there by their side every day. Isn’t this ridiculous to choose between friends and family? or work and family?  The whole concept of making a selection is indeed difficult.

What I believe is that, its all in your head. Here are some of the tips that I have learned and keep following in order to spend quality time with people around me.

1. Every morning when you wake up, have a pen and paper or any mode of writing near by you. Make a to-do list that you will guide you throughout the day.

2. If you work, give yourself some time in the morning to get ready and look good. This will give you a positive energy to interact with the people.

3. Stay happy at work. Even if you are stressed out, have someone to talk to you.

4. When you reach home, freshen up yourself and immediately make a move to where your mother/father is sitting. This will immediately brush up all the worries from your head. Whether you were standing in bus and people were stepping on your foot, whether you were standing in the scorching sunlight with no shade on your head, whether you got robbed on the street, whether your best friend had a fight with you, EVERYTHING is NOTHING in front of the company that you can enjoy with your family and parents. This is what I call spending quality time! You may not realize but your parents always look forward to talk to you when you get home. Leave your cell phone away for sometime, leave everything and just talk and joke around with them. Nevertheless it will give you the best feeling of this world. :)

5. FRIENDS! yes, they are important. They make the most of your day complete and they are more close to you. Have weekends free for them. Try to meet them or if you can’t meet then just talk to them over phone, listen to what they have to say and share what you want to say. Have such strong bonding that if time doesn’t allow you to talk, you still are not cross on your friends. Give them space. It strengthens the relations :)

6. UNDERSTAND!  Believe me, there are some moments in life when you have to keep other’s opinion over yours and your opinion over others depending upon what the situation is.  Value what you have and try to achieve what you don’t have. Remember, whatever you give is whatever you get. Love the people you are surrounded with, give them gifts, make them happy when they need you. This all helps in developing understanding.

This article is written right from my heart and I believe it is going to be as inspirational as it is for me :)

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7 thoughts on “Quality time

  1. LOL! @ the ‘someone stepped on your foot’ extract. You know what you’re right. I used to go to work, to teach at a school. To me it was the only thing I wanted to do. My first priority was my work. I had no troubles from home. All I have is a mother. But you know what. I started returning home, annoyed, irritated, and full of anger because of the stress. The work was over burdening. It really was. Then instead of correcting myself I used to display a face so no one would talk to me. It’s a really long story. The work was piled up, I had to complete it. I had fear filled in me from my toes to my head. I forgot everything, even my mother.

    Then I realized that it wasn’t fair. I didn’t want to quit but I had to because teaching 7 subjects to 40 students ans checking 320 notebooks and workbooks daily, with a very minimum pay was impossible to deal with. I wasn’t an irresponsible teacher.
    But I told the administration that they should correct themselves and stop lying for once in their lives. Then I resigned. I feel guilty for my attitude towards my mother. But I’ve come out of that now. :)
    I think that when you’re new to something and you are responsible at work for the first time in life, you enjoy it a lot. But there should be balance. Like when your in a totally new relationship you forget everyone else and focus on one person but then you feel you’re doing something wrong. It feels terrible. One should also make sure where they work :P! It was a good experience and it got me to change some people but first myself.
    I like your tips.

  2. Oh my GOD! I wrote a huge comment and I have no idea it vanished when I submitted it! Shortening it.

    When I was new to work and relationships I couldn’t balance them because I felt that they were my priority. I forgot everything else. But I corrected myself. I do feel guilty a lot when I recall my ‘harkaty’. It’s life. I has a very tiring job. Unbelievably, I was the only responsible one at work and no one co-operated. So yeah things happen.

    I like your tips. Very effective. But for me, the noting points down is hard. A prey of procrastination. I hate it! :)

  3. Rida Khan says:

    Hmm the article started with the discussion in about time and ended with love.

    You have certainly shown a link.

    In short what Kulsoom is trying to say is ‘have a balanced life’.

  4. Farah Kamal says:

    Hey Kulsoom, great read, you have made some valid points, and definitly by following them work and personal life can improve. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

  5. A splendid read. Thanks for sharing. Will help me achieve balance, I am sure.

    You don’t write very often. Please do it. I can really relate to a lot of the stuff on your blog.

    • kulsoom says:

      Thank you for liking and appreciating it :)

      Had been occupied for quite sometime so yes, you will get to see my work more often now.

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