Discovering your inner self!

Ever wondered why you have been sent in this world? Why did you get the family that you are with now? Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years? What is the real YOU!!!

These questions are really, lets say disturbing. But if you would not ask these things to yourself, you will end up in living a hopeless and lifeless life that has no motivation and encouragement for you to move and discover the real entity inside you.

Everyday when I wake up, I see myself in the mirror, smile at myself and plan the day. But I question myself, why am I planning everything in my head when I know that it is not going to be the way I am planning. Everyday I get ready, make breakfast, rush to office, spend time in working and talking, get back. Take a nap, spend time with family, sleep and Thats about it! My cellphone, Ipod and laptop have occupied so much of me that I cannot take out some time to sit and relax and find out who am I? Why am I doing what I am doing and why is it so hard to get away with gadgets when they disturb me so much the entire day?

A dear friend of mine once said to me that you are a fake person. You fake your thoughts and then present them to your near and dear ones. It literally blew my mind and for quite a few minutes I was not able to accept this fact. Then he put forward some examples in front of me and I was speechless! I realized I had been faking myself, my desires, my happiness just for the sake of keeping others happy, who did not even bother to think how painful it is to keep someone else’s desire over yours. From then onwards I realized I had lost myself in the midst of nowhere and I needed myself back. The girl who would dance and scream, entertain everyone with silly jokes, eat gol gappay and pop corn from a hawker, spend nights out with sister and friends, buy tons of gifts for my loved ones, laugh till i cry in restaurants and just about anything that I can do that I actually like doing!

When you are personally satisfied with yourself, then your mind is completely worry free and you can look at the bigger picture of life. Goals and ambitions are important, heck YES! Its just that they need to be understood and mentored by someone. It is difficult to stick to something for so long since we humans are made to evolve and we will keep evolving till we die. But a certain direction is always needed to get you out of that confused state of mind.

A small tip towards the end. Try connecting yourself with nature in any manner. Sitting by the window and just looking at the sky with all those birds flying back to their homes or may be striving to find food for their little ones will help you find joy in every small thing in life. Understand the fact that you are a unique individual who no one else can copy! Admire yourself and be grateful to your Creator for your existence! :)



5 thoughts on “Discovering your inner self!

  1. Hi Kulsoom , I really liked your post and would like to add some comments to it
    i think what we all need to do is make each thing that you do special or meaningful in some way. we need to value our relationship with our friends and families, not because it is expected from us but because it means something to us.

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