Spirituality in a common man!

Ever since I have been fasting during Ramazan, I felt a change this year. This change has nothing to do with the rising prices on food and luxuries, has got no link to bomb blasts and target killings happening all over, but most appropriately with the campaigns associated with aids being provided to flood victims.

Alot of literature has already been up on the internet about flood relief campaigns, statistics, IDPs, foreign aids, donations and what not. My point is people and specially the youth that goes to different camps to distribute relief goods, I do not see the happiness and the contentment coming from their heart. Matter of fact, they get all frustrated when something goes wrong. I understand on their part since they are no professionals and do not know how to deal with big issues but the fact is, we carry so much of spiritual alignment to our personalities that we not know of.

You may or may not know that being spiritual is not only limited to being religious and praying in isolation. Indeed it is the highest degree of attainment to spirit but there is alot more to it.

Many of us have really good sense of humor. Indeed, making people laugh is an art. To me, its something spiritual that has been gifted to you so why not make full use of it and bring smiles on the faces that need it the most? See it this way. If you have been sent in this world with a brain that helps you in coming up with punch lines in seconds then this is nothing that you have learned right? Your friends will always get entertained while being around you but if you see on the positive side of the picture, you might want to crack jokes in front of people who are restless and depressed. Medicines do help but the happy hormones and positive energy in the atmosphere adds alot more to their healing.

Another perspective to spirituality is understanding nature. Many of my posts will have this element of association with nature and let me tell you why is it so important to stay connected to nature. Many of us like to walk around, observe things around us and praise the beauty of the Creations and the Creator. We like to take photographs of cloudy skies, flowing rivers, highrise mountains, animals, fruits, blooming flowers and millions of other things that nature has to offer us. If you like to do something like this, make it your love, your passion. Appreciate nature’s beauty not only by saving it in your memory card but by giving back to it somehow. I suppose if you like to keep your window glass clean so that you can look at the sky for a while, even thats something spiritual. Smile at nature. Keep your surroundings clean. Water your plants and clean the weeds. Feed your pets with the harmony inside you that you are blessed enuff to not only eat food for your own but to provide food to other species around you.

A lot more things are yet to come that will make you realize that you are an individual with some kind of spiritual nature in you that you don’t know of. Once you discover it, trust me, the world will be in your hands and you can move it the way you want.



One thought on “Spirituality in a common man!

  1. Farwa Manekia says:

    I agree with so many of your thoughts, but the most touching and inspirational part of your blog was the component of association with the nature and giving something back to it. I myself is very fond of natural beauty but never thought of spirituality in it. It is strange that how we human tend to discover our selves while reading someone else’s thoughts.
    I liked you writing very much.

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