Stay away from Inconsistency

Logging into my wordpress account after quite sometime made me realize how inconsistent of a blogger I am. Read all the comments being posted on all my blog posts and that made me feel that an amazing writer is being missed among the world of writers ( I like being self obsessed at times :) )

During recent past, I have been observing moodswings quite badly. Be it at office, or home, or shopping, or on weddings. It just happens. I tried my level best to discover what is wrong and where that makes my mood go all goody good at one point and it drains down to zero level at another point. It was nothing but pure inconsistency in my thoughts, desires and my interaction with people.

We may not realize but our emotions and expressions have an intense connection with mother nature. We react tactfully in certain situations but some situations can only be dealt with quick reflexes, without even a single minute to think on how to react. Every single gesture of ours makes our relations strong or weak depending upon how valuable our closed ones are to us. Abrupt mood changes will not only make your pals feel insecure about your relations but they will make you feel insecure about your own self.

You must have heard from your school teachers about making a timetable for your studies and follow proper diet to lead a healthy life etc. Well these things can ONLY be followed if you have nothing else to do in your life. Our generation is socioholic ( I don’t know how grammatically correct this term would be ), to an extent that being unsocial makes them feel isolated and deprived. Having hundreds of people around, loads of secrets in the heart, tons of facebook notifications to respond to and thousands of SMS in cellphone to keep track of. Life is miserable! Isn’t it?

Keep it light folks. Have a small friend circle , near and dear to you and do not FEAR expressing your love and gratitude to them regularly. Fighting and arguing is a part of healthy friendship but expressing emotions is the soul of any relation. Do not think your pals are going to get annoyed by your overly nice attitude, rather they themselves somewhere feel the fact that they want to feel special in your own way :).

One of the best things to bring peace in your life is to be consistent with your prayers. Connecting yourself with Almighty will not only make you feel good about yourself but will also bring immense amount of energy to move ahead in life. Stay easy, stay calm and do not keep anything in heart. Having the fear of losing people doesn’t really help. Be grateful to GOD for what you have in life. Kia pata, kal ho na ho :)

Stay sweet! Spread love!


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