Emotionally ruptured!

I woke up from a power nap this evening and certainly I thought I haven’t written anything in long run. Despite having a good day out with my sister and my colleague at gulf market, I felt like drained. All my energy seems like taken away by some invisible force that I don’t know about. After giving it a thought for quite a while, I concluded that I am emotionally ruptured.

Do not expect this post to be as influential and as happy as all my previous posts turn out to be , but this one would definitely add up to your list of learnings somehow.

You have a set routine for every single day of yours except for weekends. Weekends are usually being routined by Mums. Its a part of your job to talk to a lot of people, deal with them, listen to them in whatever tone they speak and just keep yourself cool and calm for those freaking 8 hours at job. You come home and deal with your family who awaits to see you just because you could sit and watch television with them. Hmmm….. You are constantly in touch with your friends on SMS, whom you care about . They text you because they KNOW for sure that you are never going to let any of their concerns unanswered and you are always there for them. You end up digging for a solution or may be emotionally consoling your buddies and make them smile. And the next day begins!

I have lost myself in this whole bizarre world of running after people I care about just to know if they are Okay! Just to make them feel that they are important for me! Just to be there for them whenever they need me. I am no alien who likes to be understanding to the extremes and not let anyone feel that I am being bossy. Aliens like me exist too and there is always a group of species that exists on the surface of the earth. May be the rest of the aliens were taken away by Hrithik Roshan’s Jadu few years back and they disowned me because I look like Humans! ( Sorry for cracking a lame joke , but just felt like it ) :)

Its ironic how I am so popular of giving hopes to people who have just lost every single spirit. Hopes to those who cannot think of anyone else when it comes to contacting a reliable and wise person to talk to. Hopes to those who are equally emotionally drained like me. Hopes to my elders, my kids, my sisters, brothers, loved ones, street children, beggars and GOD knows who else. I read this somewhere that Expectations of people from you to do them a favor is a blessing from Divine. True ! That is so true! But…. M sorry! I am just too hypothetical. May be.

I don’t know what keeps me going but I know for a fact that people who I have been blessed with, are amazing. They love me much more than I can expect. Its the love that keeps me going. Its the care that keeps me going. And its the soul of true relations that keeps me going.

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