The unanswered prayers!

Ever Since my ears heard the word “ALLAH” for the first time when I was born and then named by which everyone knows me, the feeling of having somebody who is physically not present around you but spiritually connected to you, has captivated all my thoughts, actions, interactions and education. When I was growing up, I saw my father performing Namaz. The curiosity inside me led me sit in his lap and ask him what he was doing? He took my hands in his hands, curved them like a pot and started reciting something that I was not aware of. Gradually it became my habit to sit with him every night and see him closing his eyes and talking to somebody that I couldn’t see. I thought may be Papa can see him because he is big and I can’t see him because I am small. I liked this whole conversation method and learned how to do that on my own. When I started to understand the worldly things , people, books and relations, I started praying. For me, it was just a ritual that I had to perform 5 times a day, followed by asking GOD for something that I needed. I don’t remember exactly what I asked for when I was 6 but yes I always asked Him for something good for me. May be ice cream, rain, happiness or new dress. I don’t remember.

With time I realized the importance of praying and asking something from GOD Almighty. I was taught that when you need something, you shouldn’t ask anyone apart from GOD and he shall grant your wish immediately. I was simply amazed by the power and divine strength of that someone whom I just contacted because it was mandatory for me. I have always had this habit of imitating people around me. When my friends used to gather and recite verses from Quran, I used to go there so that i don’t feel left out. They used to stay up all night during sacred nights and I did the same thing because I liked doing that. The concept of spirituality did not even fascinate me at that time.

A series of events happened at very early stage of my life that made me think beyond the age of my own fellows. I remember on my father’s funeral, I was told by somebody that pray for your father’s maghfirat and pray that GOD gives your family the strength to survive and come out of this trauma. Never did I know that why I was asking GOD for all these things , why I was shedding tears, why I was even talking to GOD when it was His will that all of that happened? Well I did not know how do you present your prayers in front of somebody so strong who resides in everyone’s heart. Who knows every single thing about you and who has the power to turn your world upside down. I being a kid, just talked to Him. I talked in my own way. First I memorized the words that I was going to say, i prioritized them and every single day I would repeat the same thing. Over the years it became my habit to ask for those particular things that I asked for when I was 8. But you know what? Most of them, I tell you Most of them had already been answered by Him without even Him telling me that your wish has been granted, just like it happens in fairy tales. And you know how I realized all of it? By looking back at my life when I was a child and evaluating the blessings that had been granted by Him to make my life better and worth living.

The best way to pray is to have the faith in it to be answered. Either It may be answered in the way you want or the way GOD wants it to be. In the end of the day, He is the one who knows you more than you know your own self. I shall be talking more about it since this has become my favorite topic but believe me, none of your prayers go unanswered. :)

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2 thoughts on “The unanswered prayers!

  1. mariyam says:

    lovely piece of writing:)!

    Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.’ (Quran, 13:28)
    ‘Your Lord Has Said, Call on Me and I will Answer You…’ (Quran,40:60)

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