A moment ago, I was asked by my sister to turn on the geyser in our terrace. Unconciously i noticed the amount of kaalak ( the black residue ) on it, caused by constant heating. I tried to clean it with my hand and all the kaalak was transformed on my hands, leaving the geyser cleaned. For some reason I looked at my fingertip and I could actually see the minutest lines and fingerprints on it which amazed me. Suddenly something clicked in my mind and hence I rushed to my laptop to share it with all of you.

A human is always happy when the world  gives him everything that he needs and asks for. He is plain white as the palm , feeling elated and so contented that nothing can harm him ever and he will be glowing like this forever… However when he faces failure, detachment, loss of something precious, in short when he is occupied by the “kaalak” around him, he realizes his inner self, his qualities and the amount of energy he possesses to fight back, to cover up the loss, to stand up and fight against his failures.

My geyser was failing, I gave it a helping hand to perform at its best by cleaning the kaalak from it. GOD helps you the same way only if you believe in HIS strengths.

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