Small yet powerful journeys!

Traveling has always been my love of life. Those who know me, would know that no matter how extensive my journeys are, they are always exciting for me. I never sleep during traveling unless I am really exhausted. I believe that keeping my eyes and ears open during those few hours of travel would help me learn something new, innovative, bombastic, something I don’t know about or someone who I am destined to meet and be friends with.

I like talking to people who are on the same route as mine. I like to ease up the difficulties of journey upon them and help them smile. You never know somebody might have just attended a funeral of a dear one and he is on his way home. May be you are destined to talk to that person and help him ease up the sorrow and difficulties that may be up on him. May be you get to meet some person having ocean of wisdom and knowledge and could help you understand your confusions and delusions about life. May be you come across some aunty who would share this world’s yummiest recipe with you that you can cook and impress your folks with. May be you come across a child who reminds you of good old days of your childhood and compels you to call your mum and say that you miss her!

So journeys are always amazing. I am on the verge of traveling after few hours and I am super excited already. May be this journey brings some new turn to my life that I can treasure forever!

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2 thoughts on “Small yet powerful journeys!

  1. mariyam rasheed says:

    salam ! api m ar eally big fan of u and i read almost all blogs u posted on facebook and they are so amazing i love reading them and your blog “unanswered prayers” was so touching , literally i almost cried . I hope you will succeed in life as i can already see your radio show Hamari awaz , unfortunately i never get to listen it coz of time but inshallah when i’ll go back to pakistan i’ll definitely hear it :) thank you for sharing your best moments of life by blog :) take care ALLAH HAFIZ and have a safe journey.

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