I usually take a rickshaw everyday from civil hospital to come home so that I can easily get home in time and get some peace of mind after a long day at office. Today, I was sitting in auto, reading one of the chapters of Zavia ( my mentor for lifetime ), so engrossed that I did not know what was happening around. Suddenly I felt this sudden jerk. It was nothing but a speed breaker that the rickshaw wala had just crossed in full speed. We tend to come across so many of such speed breakers but never pay attention to them and consider them to be a pain to be dealt with everyday.

Problems in life are just like these speed breakers. When your life is going all smooth and happy, there has to be a speed breaker somewhere in the middle to wake you up from the dreamworld and bring your life to reality. They teach you how to run your life smoothly so whenever you come across next speed breaker, you don’t feel the tension and jerk and let your ride go with the flow. I learned my lesson today to value every single thing that comes my way , that helps me in learning something new. I hope you will also try learning a lesson out of things coming across you.

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