My radio and Me!

January 1st 2011 , marks the day when I officially started working for a local radio station. All my life I had dreamed about being in the studios with that big black Mic in front of me, headphones completely covering my ears , not letting me hear anything around me and just saying out loud what I wanted. What my heart wanted to tell everyone. I wanted to scream, cry, laugh, love, praise, eat, drink and do whatever I wanted to do and the whole world could listen to my voice and say, this is Umme Kulsoom!

2 hours! One mic ! all eyes and ears on you! How could you possibly be not nervous? Well that is cent percent true. But when you love to do something and you have to wait for it every week with so much to say, ultimately the confidence comes your way. ( Oh that kinda rhymed :) ). But seriously, my saturdays are just like one of those beautiful days when you are getting ready to go on a date or meeting with a distant friend or seeing your grandparents after a tiresome week of work and studies.

Radio brings the inside out of me. It helps me connect with people virtually and let them smile even just for a moment because thats what this life is all about. I would want to quote my favorite writer and my mentor Ashfaq Ahmed Sahab here. He says “Muhabbat ko banta nahi karte, usay zarab diya karte hain “. Translation : “You don’t divide love, you MULTIPLY it! :)”

Nevertheless why I keep saying ….

Spread the love! :)


2 thoughts on “My radio and Me!

  1. :) I am glad you got what you always wanted.
    That saying is very motivational. Wish we all understand and imply it in our lives. World would be heaven’s replica if we do so.

    • kulsoom says:

      Thanks Komal. Its just that the love and struggle has always been there. You gotta be consistent in your effort and no matter what happens, you can get whatever you want :)

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