A letter to Nazia Hassan


I may not be one of your craziest fans, Nor I have known you personally. I am just a casual listener of your immenesly amazing songs that I heard as a child. I love your songs like anything and specially that “Teri meri aisi dosti” song, it just brings back so many memories from my school days. I remember we only used to watch PTV in our house because my father never allowed us to watch anything else. Your song “Taali de thalle” was the first ever song that I memorized and impressed my friends by making them listen to it. I never knew you were awarded with so much of fame and gesture from all over the world. All I knew was you are the pioneer of Pop music in Pakistan who sings with her younger-charming brother Zohaib. I never knew you did so much for humanity by getting engaged in so much social work all around the country. For me, your ever glowing beautiful face and that million dollar smile was more than enough to heal the wounds of the entire human kind. Hearing about your death in 2000 made me shocked because you were too young to leave all of us. I remember hearing the news anchor talking about some conspiracy involved in between. I didn’t know what it was but I just prayed for your soul to be in eternal peace.

You are our pride. You are my motivation to move forward and strive in life. You haven’t been with me but you have taught me that life is cruel and it can get back to you the way it likes. You taught me how important it is to be famous and yet love the people around you without an inch of pride at the same time On your 46th Birthday, I want to thank you for giving Pakistan the fame, the name and all that our music industry needed. You are awesome.


Your secret admirer!

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4 thoughts on “A letter to Nazia Hassan

  1. Lubna says:

    m shocked to read this beautifully a full of feeling written letter by you and after reading it i have become one of the biggest admirer of yours :)
    Good job!
    I like Nazia’s Sun mere mehboob sun :)

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