The love of Poetry

Going back to the memory lane of School days when I was just 14 years old, I was a child who was unique I would say. Unlike all my classmates who had their interest in reading English Novels and Literature, my interest was inclined towards the monthly magazine “Taleem o tarbiat “. I remember everyday after coming back from school, without changing my clothes, without washing my face, without having the first bite of lunch that my Ammi would prepare for me, I would just rush towards that small corner table of our drawing room , grab the magazine and breathlessly read it one to all. It was the crave the urge the motivation that held me on to that monthly Urdu magazine that was meant for youngsters.

I had been reading Taleem o tarbiat since the time when I didn’t even know what the word Taleem and Tarbiat meant. The colorful pages, the true stories, the poems, the illustrations and the game at the end of the magazine was my small world that I lived in. I can very well remember the time when my teacher Ms. Sadia ( whom I consider my second mentor ), n grade 6th, asked all of us to write an essay on a picnic in Urdu. Everyone was engrossed in writing their masterpieces and so was I. Those days I had recently went out to seaview with my family and two of my cousins. I just poured my heart out and filled two complete pages.  When Ms Sadia was taking the round , she came to me and started reading my essay. To her surprise, it was one of the best pieces in the entire classroom. She asked me If I was into reading Urdu magazines . I was so nervous at that time that I refused completely. She asked me again. Then I got back my senses and told her about my love for Taleem o tarbiat and my habit of reading it regularly.

She asked everyone to stop writing. Asked me to raise and read out loud the essay that I had written. Honestly, I didn’t find anything so extraordinary about myself at that time unless I heard the thunders of applause after I finished reading. All the girls in my class went WOW! Superb! Amazing!. That day, I realized that writing is something that is a part of me and I should start writing very often.

Essays I had written quite a few times but poetry I had not known what it is. I started traveling in buses at quite young age. My journeys used to be purposeless apart from the fact that I need to reach school and I have to get back home. I started giving poetry a thought and came up with my first verse ever. That was…

“Mai apni zaat ke Mehwer mai gum rahun to acha hai
Ke Jahan bhar ke sitaron se mera waasta nahi….”

Translation : I want to be so lost in my own orbit because I don’t have any connection with the stars in galaxy

I told about this to my best friend at school. She was amazed and she was the one who encouraged me to write more. And then step by step I started writing verses, and then poems and all kinds of urdu Nazmein that we were taught about in school. I never knew my love for poetry would be so strong that I will come up with great readable stuff. Its just purely divine.

Now that people have started appreciating my words, I want to turn it into a positive notion. Let me be the next Allama who awakened the nation by his powerful and divine words that no one can even match up to. Let me be the voice of next Akbar Alah Abadi who highlighted social issues embedded with sarcasm , yet teaching people the difference between true and false. Let me be the voice of Shah Bhitai who expressed his love for ALLAH with his sweet and magical Sindhi poems.

Love is never ending and its found everywhere.. So,

Spread the love! :)


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