Sometimes I like traffic jams :-)

As promised, before I hit the bed, I have to share with you all the reason why I like traffic jam sometimes. I apologize for not being regular with my My daily stories of bus rides that you all used to enjoy and that you can track back in “My dailies” category of my blog but I won’t be disappointing you from now on :)

So I was coming back home from office. I usually take bus till Civil and then auto to reach home. It usually takes about half an hour without any traffic jams in between but if there is one then it can go upto an hour or may be two hours ( depending upon the VIP movements, constables and the road where you are.) I take the M.A.Jinnah route since its the most convenient route , also I get to see so many new things every single day that I just cannot wait and write down here!

So as usual I was stuck today. The weather wasn’t pretty bad , probably that’s why I didn’t complain much. :D. I had my headphones in the ear and I was listening to Remember When by Allan Jackson. Well the bus got stuck near Urdu Bazar. I started looking outside the window without any intention and there I saw this “Baba ji” with multiple “Tasbeehat” in both of his hands. He had a sack of some clothes beside him. He was sitting on the pavement behind the parking lot, wearing his torn dress and Topi , having wrinkles on his entire face and name of almighty ALLAH on his lips constantly. I stopped the music, pulled out my headphones and now my entire attention was towards that one single person who was mysterious, suspicious, I don’t know exactly what he was doing but yet it was a treat to watch him. He must be in his 60s . He was reciting something with his both hands filled with Tasbeehats and his whole body and mind was immersed in that act that he ignored 1000s of cars coming and going on the busiest road of Karachi. He was so lost in remembering his Lord that he didn’t even care what was wrong with the traffic today. He didn’t bother to stop any passerby and ask him for any help. All he knew was his small world of his sack, his tasbeehat and what he was talking to his Lord.

I couldn’t take my eyes off from him and the moment I decided to step down and talk to that person, the bus started moving slowly. Nevertheless it was some unusual day today that I saw another Baba Ji who was sitting on the same pavement , reading an English novel to my surprise and enjoying the cool weather on the busiest road of Karachi! This left my mouth wide open because no matter how big of an optimist I become, I can never imagine some 60 year old Baba ji reading an english novel on a pavement.!Eventually the traffic started moving and it was fine till I reached home.

Two things worth learning from today’s experience. When you give your decisions and your life in hands of Almighty , you gotta be like that Tasbeeh waale Baba ji who was so sure about his words and his act of worship that ALLAH is going to listen to him. Then there is no world, no family, no friends. When you ask HIM for something, its HIM who is going to grant you for sure and Nobody else!

We are no less than any nation in this world. And ofcourse the cliche that “A diamond comes from a coal mine”, is yet so true. We have made categories of people , we have classified them as per our own knowledge. We underestimate people who are less educated and we over appreciate those who we think are scholars. In my eyes, a scholar is the one who has a complete knowledge of your emotions, desires and the love inside you for humanity. No one is less than another because we all have been created by the same CREATOR.

Life comes just once , never to be back again… so,

Spread the love! :)


7 thoughts on “Sometimes I like traffic jams :-)

  1. Yousra says:

    Hey Umme! I have read ur blog for the first time and kept on reading and reading and reading…… =D
    Starting from today’s, I have been reading previous blogposts since past 50mins! Keep up the good work yaar…! (Y)

  2. Maliha Haider says:

    Bus-ride gives an ultimate exposure to self-discovery and new horizon to develop better understanding of people. It surprises me that most of my writing thirst has been goaded in the bus-journey. *Nostalgic* : )

    Back to the story. I second You Ummay, as long as we are willing to learn, everything and everyone can be the source, despite the fact of its minor significance and existence. And yeah, we often underestimate wisdom of men by layering up our judgmental-measurements which definitely is a mental block and must be counter blocked.

    Cut it short, ‘Little things have immense impact and that is the whole point’.

    Certainly, entice-me-to-come-back blog : )

  3. Shahzad says:

    Hey Kulsoom,

    I have read your Blog and it’s really nice i like it specially the last one part :) and its true
    Life comes just once , never to be back again… so,

    Spread the love! :)

    Best of Luck :)

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