Exclusive quotations

My emerging love for writing is not only limited to poetry and prise but also to producing some quotations that I have made myself. I am a big fan of motivational and inspirational quotes and regularly follow the bloggers who have written quite a few things in this mandate. I believe that to express the real feelings that reside inside you, you don’t need letters, emails, blog posts or songs. You can say it all by just uttering one line, by spending one moment, by giving that one gesture , by believing in one’s self and by having all the love from one GOD! :)

Here I am, starting my own series of quotations. If you want to quote me somewhere then do write me back because its really going to make me happy if I manage to make a difference in somebody’s life by my one liners. :)

If you ask what my favorite quote is then it would be none other than …

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up!”

Quotations coming soon!

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