Memory lane of a mother

In my today’s My Dailies’ post, I won’t be talking about any thing that happened on the road but something that I came to know while talking to my mother randomly about studies and schooling.

Usually I get up in the morning by my mother’s alarming voice and the daily dose of that one minute lecture on how lazy I am to get up early in the morning and get ready for office. Nevertheless it was same today. I got ready, made my breakfast and sat on the floor while ammi was sitting on the chair. I have developed this habit of sitting on the floor and having my meal, whenever I get a chance. Probably because that is the most comfortable way to eat. Or it takes away from me the entire pride and arrogance that I experience everyday at some or the other point. It helps me understand the value of being “down to earth” , being humble, being selfless and helps me understand the lifestyle of people who normally observe this norm of setting up and eating meals on floor.

Anyhow, I was just asking my mother to start writing whatever she could to improve her handwriting. Well I know it is not needed for her now but I just asked her randomly to do so. She then started telling me about her school which doesn’t exist anymore and has been demolished. I wish I could actually narrate her words in my mother tongue but here is the translation which I find so beautiful, so serene and so enlightening for me that I wish I could talk like her!

“I couldn’t study much because my father loved me like anything. He wanted me to be safe from every bad thing around. We had this government school right across the street where I used to study. And you know what, I didn’t use to sit in class and study with other kids. I was the only child who would sit in headmistress’s office and study there. There were two doors of the school. One for boys and one for girls. They demolished the school, don’t know why but now there is a residential building there. If I could study, I would have become a doctor. My brothers and one sister studied in another government school but they completed matriculation. ”

I completely forgot that I had to rush to office , mark my attendance in time, rush to my desk and turn on my PC. I completely ignored I will miss the bus and I will have to pay extra bucks to rickshaw for taking me to office. Every single word that she said created a picture in my mind of her beautiful face as a child, a bright smile on her face and her school bag when she went to school with my grandfather. I wish I could sit with her, talk to her for hours and ask her about her ambitions, her aspirations and her motivation in life that keeps our entire family together and help us growing!

The reason why I wanted to share with you all is that, it is so important for all of us to realize that when our parents reach a certain age, they need us. They need the warmth and affection from their own blood to attain peace of mind. They may be reluctant in expressing their love to you but expect you to love them and listen to them. Trust me, nobody has got stories better than parents. Nobody can motivate you better than them. Nobody can love you the way they do and nobody is going to cry for you but your parents! Give them love, you will get back multiples of what you will do!

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