Tribute to Ahmed Rushdi

I was tuned into one of the local radio stations today and heard about Ahmed Rushdi’s death anniversary that is today, 11th April. Now, many of us don’t even know who Ahmed Rushdi was and what was his contribution for the Pakistani media industry back in the time when it was just an emerging field in Pakistan.

Ahmed Rushdi, as I know, was one of the pioneers of pop music industry of Pakistan. Since my childhood I have been hearing this one song called, Ko-Ko-Ko rina. Whether its a picnic, or a wedding, or a get together with friends or any rooftop concert. This is one amazing song that is in the hearts of every single person and everyone knows the lyrics and beats by heart. We really have respect for our legendary singers from different neighboring countries like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, who are from the same era as Ahmed Rushdi, yet we seem to have No or may be very less knowledge of this legendary singer who was never trained, came from a conservative family, struggled throughout his life to reach where he could and left this world on 11th April 1983. Many of his numbers have been re-sung by other Pakistani artists but the magic in his voice is evergreen!

Some of his numbers like Gol Gappay wala, Bandar road se kemari, Akele na jana and Dil ko Jalana ham ne chorr dia are my heart favorites. Folks, despite I do not belong to that era when Rushdi’s songs were the heartbeat of Pakistani charts but I do have a respectable place in my heart for this legend because people like him have kept strong pillars in helping this country to progress and develop. Our pop industry is the best pop music industry of this world and the pioneer is none other than Late Ahmed Rushdi Sahab. Rushdi Jee, I salute you for what you have done for my country and I hope that many more singers like you can uplift the image of this country in upcoming days.

Presenting Ko-Ko-Korina



5 thoughts on “Tribute to Ahmed Rushdi

  1. ZM Quadri says:

    One fine morning of 1954 people were listening to a song from radio Pakistan Karachi station. A song with unique message n fantastic lyrics of BANDER ROAD SEY KEEMARI … most favorite oldies… but unfortunately sound quality is not good yet so couldn’t share this .. and at that that time no one knows that this voice will rules over Pakistan film industry to next 29 years…. !!
    He is the first who start Pop music in Asia. Proud on our legend AHMED RUSHDI !!
    And thanks to u as well Umme Kulsoom.

  2. Umair says:

    Ahmed Rushdi was a pioneer of playback singing in south asia..He has changed the sound of film music and Indian playback singer Kishore Kumar paid him a tribut at Royal Albert Hall London and admitted this fact that he was also a great admirer of Rushdi sahab

    • shakil says:

      Yes it is true Kishore Kumar was great admire of Ahmed Rushdi, in Royal Albert Hall Kishor Kumar had sung the popular song of Ahmed Rushdi” Ek udan khatola aaey ga, Ek lal Pari ko laey ga, aeya yo yo”

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