Silent Expressions

I happened to be associated with a non profit organization that recruits young students for an year long exchange program to U.S.A. This year we happened to have two mute students from a private organization. I saw them for the very first time at the orientation that was held last sunday. I was the mistress of ceremony and I just love being on stage. I could see the excited faces of all the kids who were selected and anxiety among parents who were soon to send their beloved children to an entirely different faraway place. My attention was caught by these two kids who were communicating with their mentor in sign language. Whatever was being talked about in the ceremony, their mentor was translating it into sign language and telling those kids.

They were laughing, smiling, the same way as all of us do. They were equally excited and happy just like any other kid. They were brilliant, intelligent, smart and above all extraordinary just like the kid next door. They were no different. As soon as I got done with my announcement, I rushed to them and tried to talk to them by writing and making them understand what I wanted to say. They gave me response either by thumbs up or with a smile on their face. I did not mind sitting with them for quite a few minutes. Suddenly the mother of one of the kids patted my shoulder and said, Thank you beta! I had no clue what I had done. I was just spending some time with them. May be the lady didn’t know that somewhere deep down , I was thanking her that she made me realize the greatest blessings of Almighty and how life is when you are not blessed with any of those. I realized that we, the complete, privileged and blessed human beings are just too whiny about very minor things that happen in life. We can shout our heart out , we can scream, we can chatter, we can gossip, we can express our love and emotions by saying those beautiful words to our loved ones, we can listen to the sound of fresh breeze, the flowing water, the sea storm, the chirping birds, the music, the kind words of a mother that put you to sleep even in the most distressful situation, the roar of a father when you make a mistake and it teaches you something, the sound of your child when he calls you mama or papa for the first time, the sound of songs being sung on your wedding by your friends. We are blessed with all these things and yet we take them for granted. We remain unhappy. We complain. We curse. We blame each other. May be each one of us should spend a day with people like those two kids who know the secret of eternal happiness despite GOD has not given them two senses. I tell you, do that. You will start loving yourself, your life, your family and ultimately GOD for blessing you with world’s finest things and the sound to speak and listen!

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