Iqbal Bano-the legend

Dasht-e-tanhai mai aye jaan-e-jahan larzaan hain
Teri awaz ke saaye.. Tere honton ke saraab. 

Iqbal Bano , one of the finest ghazal singers of Pakistan who made this country proud of her beautiful voice passed away 2 years back on 21st April 2009. We merely know about our people , our legends and our culture and don’t even strive to find about our history. Iqbal Bano as I know her, was really a popular singer who gave her voice to many poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz one of which is Ham Dekhen ge. 

As a youngster belonging to 21st century, I have not witnessed listening to many of the music maestros of good old times yet I believe in the fact that Pakistan has managed to produce some good music ever since music was introduced by all the Ustaads and Mughal emperors. The purity, the dignity and simplicity that used to be in the music of 60s and 70s cannot be found today. The music used to be soulful back then and people around the globe appreciated the singing talent of Pakistan. Not only this but new artists across the border specially invited Pakistani legends to teach them the fundamentals of classical music and ghazals. Ghulam Ali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Madam Noor Jehan , Sabri Brothers, Allan Faqir and Abida Parveen are few names that Pakistan has brought in limelight , that uplifted the image of this country worldwide.

The question arises, why am I talking about all these people who we don’t see anymore on our television screens or we don’t talk about them when it comes to Pakistan’s music industry? Well history and heritage are two things that I truly believe in. All of us know about the setbacks and hard times that Muslims had to face while being in sub-continent. Despite of all of that, they managed to establish themselves as a self made nation, a nation sending messages of love, peace, hospitality and appreciation around the world. A nation with warm hearts, a nation with colors, culture and customs of its own. A nation to be talked about! Why not spread all the colors everywhere so that this world can become a better place to live? Why not study about our history and our own people instead of admiring someone who we can’t even relate ourselves to? Why not help our own people to fight the fears and wipe the tears ?

Somewhere down the road I think that after 10-20 some years when My kids will grow up and ask me who am I and where do I belong to? I would surely look back to this blog and tell them proudly about all the great people of this country that I have written about. We may not see any Iqbal Bano in future but we can cherish the fact that Pakistan had somebody like her that nobody else has!

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5 thoughts on “Iqbal Bano-the legend

  1. nice read! You forgot to mention mehdi hassan btw. The essence of the music industry is very much alive, true that legends like these are no longer widely cherished by our own nation but i personally feel pakistani music is still alive and kicking. Music, literature and art always reflects the surroundings.. usually it does, that is why today’s music is more loud, more confusing and full of shor and hungama.. we do have ground breaking potential.. just that the picture has changed..

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