Moin Akhtar-you will be missed!

I came back home from the hustle and bustle of the Karachi city, offered prayers and started talking to my mom. Suddenly a text message from a close friend made me go in a state of severe shock. He texted me that Moin Akhtar died today. May his soul rest in peace. AAMEEN. I just could not believe my ears and immediately turned on television to see if it was a confirmed news. To my sadness, yes it was true. The legend left this world at the age of 60.

I can very well remember my childhood when I used to watch television with my family and was a big fan of Moin Akhtar starrer dramas . I was 8 years old when I watched the drama half plate. The dialogue of Jamshed Ansari in which he says to Moeen Akhtar, Abba main adeeb samjha, By GOD mai adeeb samjha. It still rings bells in my eyes. The makeover that Moin did for the play Rozy, always amused me and made me smile everytime I saw that play. The jugal bandi of Moin Akhtar and Umar Sharif in Bakra Qiston per, which was the ultimate paradigm of comedy, could never be compared with any other stage dramas of all times. The Memon style comic drama Such Much would blow away my mind. Every time he called his wife Haaaaaajraaaa and every time he fought with his servant Faisal Qazi, would help me forget all my worries of life. His slapstick comedy in Loose talk and the beautiful style of characterization on the lines of Anwar Maqsood doesn’t let me forget his work. The clarity in his words, the dedication towards his work, the popularity and fame, the power in his voice would just shiver down your spine , make you cry and feel the deep emotions towards his homeland Pakistan. The love that he had for his country , makes me realize how gem of a person he was. I have grown up seeing his work. I have witnessed his work. I have admired his work. And today I am telling everyone that Moin Akhtar has passed away!!!

My eyes are in tears. My heart is weeping.  If you don’t believe me, come see me. look into my eyes and you will realize the pain that I have . I feel connected to him because he managed to make that connection with every individual. All I can see on facebook and Twitter is the news that Moin Akhtar died today. I am crying not because Moin passed away, because he is somebody who has made his place in the most sacred corners of the hearts of his own people. I am crying because we only cherish our legends and we only talk about them and we only praise their work when they leave us. I am a lover of my legends. They have given Pakistan the name and fame that nobody else would have ever been able to given. The entire artist faternity has been mourning the death of this immensly beautful, kind hearted and generous human being. He said it. Yes he said it that he loves Pakistan. He never cared what Pakistan gives him , all he knew was to give Pakistan whatever he could in his own capacity.

Don’t let this nation fall apart my friend. Let people like Moin Akhter emerge and help Pakistan. Let us all care about our artists and salute them for their services because they DESERVE it!

May ALLAH bless your soul in peace. You made all of us smile. We take the oath to spread those smiles to people around us.

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