Back to School!

Ever feel like going back to School when everything was so pure, so innocent and so adorable ? I do :)

I was on my way to office this morning , listening to this one track that I am addicted to for past few days called “Dhoop ke makan sa yeh” , thinking about all the mess around me and suddenly I saw this little kid on a bike with his father or brother I suppose. He was a cute little child , firmly holding his caretaker , carrying his water-bottle tied up to his bag. wearing sun-shades and having a white P-cap on his head. And above all the tagline on his bag said “BACK TO SCHOOL”. This one glimpse of a fraction of a second just made my day and I could not stop smiling then … :)

Life is so full of such small joys and happy moments around us . Just that we don’t strive to look for them. If we believe in happiness, It is surely going to chase us till we see it. If we don’t , we might end up saying good-bye to it.

Spread the love! The world deserves it!


2 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. aizaz bokhari says:

    i wouldn’t want to go back to my school life ever again. i know it was innocent and cute. but i believe i am satisfied with the way i am now. more mature and sensible. :D

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