Newborn Kittens

Monday mornings are never so pleasant. You don’t feel like getting out of your bed after you have had such an awesome Sunday. But the truth of life is, Monday is the first working day of the week and some or the other way you have to listen to the alarm and your mother yelling at you to get up. Usually I get up in the morning and first thing I do is to see my mother and let her know that I am wide awake , and she is usually not up by then. Today, to my surprise she was all wide awake and as soon as I went to see her, she told me this.

“The cat in our apartments has been blessed with three lovely kittens. ALLAH mian! they are so cute, I wish I could keep them. ”

I was like WOW! what colors are they ? She told me that one of them is black ( just like you ), other one is black n white and the third one she wasn’t sure of its color. But the excitement and innocence that I saw in her eyes for those little kittens, simply made my day and I completely forgot that I was feeling so lethargic to even have my breakfast. Apparently I went downstairs to see the mother of those kittens. She was fine. Kids were fine too. Thankfully nobody was around at that time so that I could easily stare at the young mother who had all her kids wrapped around her like a shawl during winters. She opened her eyes and then gave me a roar as if I was going to kidnap one of her kids. ( I wonder how did she know that ! ). Well it was just a signal of letting me know that she needs privacy and sometime alone with her kids as they needed the warmth, care, food and above all newborn love from their mom. :)

I wonder why can’t we be like that. Why can’t we defend ourselves for the love of our country and show this one scary eye to our enemies and let them know how much we love our land. Just think about it! I am sure you can.

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