Success has no age-1

Folks! I would want to share with you the ultimate success story of someone I haven’t known for a long time, yet his story inspires me so much that it is very important for all of you to know and admit the fact that Success never comes with age limit or age barrier.

As you all know that I have been doing radio for quite sometime and when you work at such place when alot of people have diverse backgrounds, its never easy to get along with everyone in your team. Every thursday I come to FM station couple of hours before my program starts so that I could get the feeling of being at the station and creating the energy that I need. At workplaces it is a general understanding that you have to keep certain limitations when it comes to interacting with your head. My production head, never made me or any of the RJs feel that way and its such a homely feeling to sit and talk to him.

So just moments back, I was sitting with my Production head along with my sister and we were discussing how he emerged as a wonderful RJ and did so good voice-overs. The whole discussion started off when me and my sister RJ talked about how we do not belong to this media world and have no exposure whatsoever. He on the other hand , explained to us that nobody in this world is born with mature voice or skills to talk on radio. You have to brush it up and bring it to that level that people call you a born star. To my surprise, he started telling his journey of success without being hesitant about it. He was only 20 some when his father asked him to join radio because his father was an avid listener of the radio programs. He , having no interest in the media industry and being a cricket fanatic, disliked this idea but for the sake of killing time he went there. He was the junior most engineer among all. Who used to take care of the transmission being on-aired during late hours of night. All the seniors out there, started bossing around and made him do what was never included in his job profile. He cleaned cassettes, did stupid stuff, completely ragged, and broke up with his girlfriend quite a few times because of the amount of work he was doing. Picture doesn’t end here. In such a dramatic way, he got his first breakthrough. Wanna know how and when? Keep yourself posted because I shall be updating the real interesting part of the story tomorrow. :)

Till then , keep waiting, keep reading and

Spread the love around! :)


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