Success has no age-2

So here I am with the next part of the interesting success story that I was eagerly waiting to share with you all. :)

So in the previous post, I mentioned that the seniors of my Production Head, tried their level best to put him in all sorts of trouble. He used to be the one who would never say a word against anyone and would perform his tasks as per assigned by his seniors. One day, during his night shifts when one of the leading RJs was doing a Ghazal program, he received a phone call from his CEO, asking him to tell the lady to leave the program in the middle and asked him to take over. That left him in complete shock and surprise and he was all startled. He had never done radio before, neither he was interested in doing the show. Ghazal program is supposed to be the essence of literature , knowledge and command over Urdu language. None of these qualities had ever been associated with our head. So he gathers all the books that he could, compiled content and there he goes with his first ever appearance on a radio program ! Apparently he ended up taking over the show . The show was supposed to end at 3:00. When he was about to put an end to it, CEO called once again and asked him to continue the program till Fajar prayers. With sore eyes, desperation to leave office and go back home, having no interest in the program and the guilt of kicking off a senior RJ, he kept the pace of the program up and left for home. Next day he comes back and the amount of praises and encouragement that he received was just incredible. He was given regular ghazal programs and this was his first breakthrough. Not only this but he was made the head of the programming committee at a young age of 23 when all of his seniors were in the age bracket of 30-40. This made the entire crew suspicious on the fact if he was good friends with CEO or if he had an affair with his daughter. Sigh. There was no reality in all the rumors. The CEO being an experienced person, had put him in such a position that he would have to face so much of office politics and the dominant behavior of rest of his colleagues. The best part about him was, he had control on his nerves.

He shared with us that he had this habit of saying Salam and greeting everyone at the office on regular basis. Well apparently the CEO left the office and was replaced by a not-so-cooperative and chill CEO as the previous one was. The entire staff decided to turn their backs towards him and decided not to work for him. Our production head was determined towards working with the same guy and tell you what, the new CEO was so blunt that he asked all the other employees if they wanted to quit, they could do that right away. Also he gave the designation of Production head of the entire station to our “story guy” and this was again highly opposed by the seniors. They planned to play politics against him and one day created such a situation that he had to be presented in front of CEO to justify all the mess created by them. He had to survive , he had to live with all the monsters. Instead of favoring them and being a part of their game, he told the truth to the new CEO which was accepted by him wholeheartedly. All the non-serious players were kicked out immediately and today , our production head is regarded highly among all the staff members and is loved equally. This all happened in the span of 8-9 years. Incredible, isn’t it?

This may sound too dramatic but to tell you, its true. He had tears in his eyes when he got done with his story. He just told me one last thing that is still ringing in my ears. He said, my father always considered me as a pathetic, non-serious lad who would never be able to succeed in his life. Today when i am at such position where people look up to me, I don’t have my father by my side so that I could tell him that Dad, I wasn’t that bad!

He is truly an inspiration for me.He always will be.

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7 thoughts on “Success has no age-2

  1. Sheeraz says:

    Just read both parts of this story. This is quite inspirational story. What I feel is that Every successful person has to go through these type hurdles, like professional jealousy, Office politics. Only those ppl are succeeded who knows how to face these hurdles which is not an easy task. One more thing which I have learnt from this story is that never underestimate yourself at any stage, no matter what other ppl say to you.

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