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( This post is purely based on my opinions and not targeted towards anyone. Feel free to share your opinions and I would highly appreciate that )

As we all know that the night of 22nd May 2011 turned out to be one of the dreadful nights of all times in the history of Pakistan when one of our major bases , PNS Mehran Karachi, was invaded by few terrorists and after 16 hours long operation, it was declared clear in terms of security and mobilization within the premises. I got this news via a friend when I was about to sleep and the very next moment I had my Ipod with me along with remote control that i was using to flip channels and get the latest updates. Side by side I was updating on twitter on what has been happening all around. I was equally shattered, depressed, worried, anxious and annoyed like anybody else in the country since it was the matter of my land, my city and my countrymen’s safety. Apparently the next day at office, I got to know via a twitter follower that I have been featured in DAWN.COM for giving last night’s live updates, which was truly a surprise for me! Indeed the incident was sad, heartfelt but I was happy for the fact that I did something to at least keep people informed, rather than just mourning the deaths and sitting idle, doing nothing. I felt proud of my self, happy, contented and YES I celebrated this achievement with my buddies too. Why? Because I wanted to make myself feel better, Because I wanted to tell everyone that even your small deeds and contributions towards society can take you from rags to riches. Even your small acts of kindness and care can help people in healing their worst wounds. You have all the rights to celebrate your success no matter what it is! It all depends upon your intentions that make you feel either guilty or happy.

This was just one part of the story that I just shared. While roaming around on facebook, I saw this unhealthy and I would say unproductive debate between military families and civilians. Blaming each other, going all anti-forces, discouraging people around for what their opinion is and i don’t know what else! Tell you the truth, I do have my strong opinion but I would share it if and only if I have strong evidences to prove my point, also I would be whole heartedly accepting the opinions given by my peers and if they are acceptable as per my understanding, YES I am going to acknowledge them and appreciate them.

We as a nation, need to learn this. We are ONE. Oneness means that despite all the diversity, all the negativity, all the corruption that is killing our roots, we are Pakistanis. We hold different opinions about so many things happening around us. We support some sectors and we oppose the rest. It is absolutely OKAY to have your say in a democratic country that allows you freedom of speech. But You have to be patient, you have to be a listener, you have to be neutral and not OUTRAGEOUS when it comes to presenting your opinion my friend. I don’t ask you to tolerate the ills of society but I ask you to be tolerant enough, so you don’t become one of those ills when people start avoiding you even when you are right.

And as a friend says, “There is a public opinion and there is a personal opinion”. And Opinion is a variable statement that can be turned into a fact, yet its not a fact by itself. :)

Spread the love around. The world needs it!


10 thoughts on “Public opinion

  1. nice write up, like the way you keep things short and simple. as for the matters of opinions and blame game, that is something infact the only thing our people have been doing since ages. the keyword here is “intolerance”, i think the following explains it best “behead those who say islam is violent” :) sarcastic, sad but a true reflection of our attitude now a days.

    • kulsoom says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Intolerance is probably the key features in not letting the society progress. Well, still the love for my country would remain like this till I am here because if we are literate enough to point out a mistake, we are equally responsible for correcting it too.

  2. its democracy and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the problem is that nobody is ready to listen to other’s opinion… army vs civilian, awaam vs hukumran, ppp vs pml, secular vs islamic, shia vs sunni, deobandi vs barelvi…the list goes on… our country would be a lot better if we accept the right of others to have their own opinions and still live freely ….

  3. JoLLy bRaVo says:

    Like always excellent write up UK :)

    well we need to accept the reality that unfortunately some or very little portion of our armed forces is now involved or biased toward such extremists OR enemies of our state..such easyily completed mission by 6 pedestrian terrorists cannot be done with so accuracy n success without proper n prompt help from insiders…

    blame game will continue between establishment n politicians unless our whole leadership stands up( which is impossible) for national interests rather than own political objectives

  4. JoLLy bRaVo says:

    by the way I disagree with your 1st part of post ” did something to at least keep people informed, rather than just mourning the deaths and sitting idle, doing nothing. I felt proud of my self, happy, contented and YES I celebrated this achievement with my buddies too” >>

    u kept ppl informed by how??? like u motivated them with ur tweeets? or u were updating them just like all other TV channels were trying to spread the latest news of chaos n despiar among nation??

    If u tweeted n posted with some motivation and encouraging stuff> I salute u BUT if u were just tweeting with running commentary of incident I M SORRY thats nothing to be proud of or celebrate :)



    • kulsoom says:

      First, I appreciate your compliments and your sensitivity about the issue :)
      Second, I just wanted to tell people that i played my part. Mourning deaths, yes we all have human emotions that can never be neglected but the families of martyred ones have already been going through such phase that we need to show solidarity with them and pray for patience for them.
      I did commentary too as well as informed people about the traffic conditions, the security conditions and asked them to keep a close look on the incident. Thats it. Even if one person read my tweet and it helped me in any way, I guess my job is done.
      And as i said, feel free to comment so yes thanks for that :)

  5. sanjithmenon says:

    Dear Kulsoom,
    Ever since 1950`s Pakistan has been a party to American interests, to undermine India. I think its high time, that Pakistan should stop playing such games and our nations should chart out a better future for our children. Our rivalry has made Pakistan, a colony for USA and Islamists, which will only undermine your freedom as a nation. Thank you.

  6. aizaz bokhari says:

    arguing is a part of human nature. no matter how much evidence there is, people WILL argue and ask questions. but you know, arguing and asking questions is not he problem. problem starts when someone asks questions to argue. where they should be asking questions to absorb knowledge.
    it is not bad at all to believe in something, but the problem is that when we believe in something without any prior knowledge and yet we disclaim others’ proofs and evidences.
    our nation is a hypocrite nation. its in our roots. to fix it, we have to inject some knowledge in it.

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