Morning blues…



Today’s morning didn’t turn out to be usual mornings that I usually have on weekdays. Waking up , already late for work, skipping breakfast, rushing to catch bus. Nothing of that sort happened today. Woke up early on a Sunday morning, saw my mother who was already up and tuned into radio where Salman Khan’s new movies’ song Dhinkachika was being aired. Me and ammi just couldn’t stop smiling and those small dance moves with her, made my morning bright and fine :) This post goes out to all those people like me who tend to make blunders in the early hours of morning and I say, its ok to do that. 


Its O.K to wake up late on Sunday mornings.
Its O.K to turn your alarm off and go back to sleep, saying 5 more minutes.
Its O.K to pick up your cellphone first thing in the morning and see how many people messaged you last night.
Its O.K to send Good morning wishes to your loved ones everyday no matter they never do that to you.
Its O.K to read the newspaper without brushing teeth.
Its O.K to burn toast and omelette in Kitchen while making breakfast for yourself.
Its O.K to spend an hour in bathroom considering the hot weather outside.
Its O.K to forget your wallet and have few pennies in your pocket on your way to office.
Its O.K to listen to music while you are getting ready for office.
Its O.K to forget switching off the lights and fans of your room before leaving the house.
Its O.K to watch news before leaving from home. You never know what’s happening around you.
Its O.K to be the last one to reach office and having your boss showing that eye to you.
Its O.K to hug your parents in morning and saying them I LOVE YOU!




Spread the love! I’m sure you can.



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