For Muhammad Abdullah

We were sitting in our cabin. He tells me that this is the summer that I had always dreamed of. Travel, friends, exams, PDOs, fun, movies and the beyond awesome experience will keep me busy the entire summer. He says I love my life. He gives me that big bright smile and says it would have been even more memorable if I could join him and be with him this entire time. Nevertheless at the back of my head I knew that I was going to be with him but at the same time I was scared of the fact that once these moments are lived, they are never going to come back. I will keep missing the happiness and passion in his eyes for his work. But life never leaves you empty handed. We made this one thing happen with so much dedication and hardwork that the best way to compliment it was to walk on the red carpet with him. :)

He held my hand, we started walking towards the hall and all the cameras started flashing. We were celebrities of the night! We were the winners, winners of emotions, hardwork, compassion and above all love that everyone around us gave. When the young kids were giving him award and titles that were exclusively destined to be for him, it made me proud. Made me feel satisfied from inside that I have been one of those people who had known his inside out and today when I see him with so much of love around, it makes me happy that even when I won’t be around, he will always be loved and cared. He deserved it all. All of it. He knew what he had done and what has made him stand today in front of so many people out there. But he didn’t miss a single minute and called me up on stage to share his ultimate success with me. He never took credit for his success and rather blamed me for everything. He blamed me for being his ‘api’ all these years. He blamed me for helping him in his rough times. He blamed me for being the best sister in his life. Never in my life I felt so happy to take this entire blame. He gave it all to me! Then he plays

Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai
aik hazaar main meri behna hai
saari umar hamain sang rehna hai.. 

Muhammad Abdullah. This name defines who I am. My worth. My family. My success and My happiness. This entire journey of this beautiful relationship has been incredibly amazing. I never asked for a brother from GOD because I knew I already have someone really special to be the best brother and that is you mera bacha!

Your emo sister really really loves you for who you are , for what you do and for all the love that you have given me.
*tear drop*

Api. =)


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