Right of being Wrong

We always have this fear of committing mistakes and our tendency to avoid those mistakes, lead us to even more complicated situations that one can hardly avoid. My own life is filled with tons of such occasions when I wanted to avoid making a mistake and instead I fell for something bigger and even worst.

We all know that “To err is human and to forgive is divine”. But we tend to keep the guilt and grief of mistake in our hearts for such a long time that the fact of forgiveness from divine becomes vague and this whole belief of self satisfaction after begging for forgiveness from GOD, vanishes from our hearts. What I believe is , humans are evident and prone to make mistakes at so many places in life. That is how they learn. But there should be a mechanism added to it to clarify your heart from all the wrongdoings. For instance if you have a partner in crime involved as equally as you in the mistake, go and talk to him. Ask him if he is as sorry as you are. Ask him if he is also guilty for what he has done. Strive to lend him peace and tell you what, in return you will be ultimately out of depression and guilt caused by your mistake. It is absolutely O.K to unintentionally be wrong. Make yourself understand this thing. For instance many of us think that everyone around us deserves equal amount of attention, love and care which is certainly not true. You can be nice to everyone but you can’t be the nicest to all of them. Wanna know why? GOD gave you family for that. To love unconditionally. To shower your emotions for them endlessly. To dedicate your living being to them whenever they need you. Rest is mere business. Yeah there are best friends to grab some important position in your life but they are like pearls, rarely found on the sea shore and luckily found when you dive deep down into the sea.

Being wrong is ok but repeatedly being wrong for the same reason makes you a wrongdoing addict. You become so used to of that mistake that despite you know that you are committing a crime, you can hardly avoid it and you just let it go. Indirectly you have suppressed the guilt inside you , which you shouldn’t. There comes a time when this emotional outburst would shatter you from inside and it would take a few days for your actual being to come back. Don’t let that happen to yourself. Be wrong, but for the right reasons.

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4 thoughts on “Right of being Wrong

  1. aizaz bokhari says:

    there has to b a line between divine forgiveness and self satisfaction. i believe even if god is forgiving you for everything you did, intentionally or unintentionally, which you should have refrained from, you’d still have the guilt. some abstracts are a part of human nature. they don’t seem to have an end even in the perfect of situations. that is how we have been made. even in quran, allah mentions, “aur mai ne insan ko kamzr paida kiya”
    you see, this is what we are and who we are.
    but again, as you mentioned, regret pains memories etc, stuff that causes tribulations to us, at times, should be ignored. that is self satisfaction.

  2. Bilal K. says:

    We tend to let others define ourselves when it has always been them who we have been trying to please. Guilt is but a feeling people look for to find peace in what they have done wrong.
    May Allah let us find what we need to find :)

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