Search for intimacy

Its been really long since I had posted anything here and I shouldn’t be making excuses about it because I had made a commitment to myself to be punctual about the blogposts and keep track of em. Sorry about that folks!

Writing about anything like love, care, emotions and intimacy always reminds me of so many things from the past and present that I end up being judgemental about my own self. Interestingly I fight back with my own wrong doings and manage to get back to life somehow and time heals up everything. And the process continues. I would make fun of myself, cry on my stupid behaviour, lean back and think of the alternate possibilities of overcoming the fears inside me and look back and analyse my imperfect soul and with the good memories and good gestures with quite a few people out there, I would try to mend it and heal it.

We all are made in such a way that we need to satisfy our worldly needs and instinctive emotions in some or the other manner. Proven fact! I believe that all of us become ageless when it comes to being caressed, being close and being intimate to people. We all are same when we are loved. We have same needs, same emotions yet we try to search for places and people that can provide us with the luxury of fulfilling our needs in our own way. How ironic is that! When our desires meet the same standards yet we end up depriving some people from getting these desires at our best. To my understanding, it just has to do with getting love and not giving as much as we are being provided. Probably the element of selfishness over powers the art of giving love and intimacy to others and yet the whole problem starts off, giving birth to innumerable problems and justifications, fears and tears, roller coaster like mood-swings and life threatening decisions. Just because we do not understand the simple rule of life. The art of Giving!

Folks, everyone in this world deserves a piece of appreciation for who he is. For what he does. For how he cares for you and shares his intimacy with you to show that he needs you.Try to find that person inside you who knows how to give back love and make someone’s life beautiful. Be expressive, be generous, be kind to people who are kind to you for whatever reason. All the love is going to get back to you itself without you searching for it. :)

Spread the love. You can!



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