1st Ramadan 1432 Hijri

Before I tell you what this 30 day Ramadan Trial is all about, I would like to mention that this idea has been inspired from an already inspired idea. Originally Jonathan Harris started off a 365- a photo a day trial in which he took random shots and at the end made a story out of them. Similarly a friend Muhammad Abdullah has started off Project Today in which he will be posting a picture a day to tell the world about life and its blessings and what we miss out on mostly.

Last night, I decided to replicate the idea but in a different manner. Ramadan has always been the same for me. Occasionally due to some events or some over-socialized gatherings it becomes different but the vision and mission never changes. I decided to give it a look from people’s perspective. Helping them in some manner so I could extract a better meaning out of this holy month. To me, Ramadan is not about reciting Holy Quran or praying regularly or just staying hungry and waiting for Iftar post 7 P.M. Its about re-discovering the good person inside you. The helper, motivator, the patient and tolerant human being. The piousness to be close to Almighty and the love for human beings to be close to them helps me discovering who I am and what my purpose is.

So I had put up this facebook status last night.

I knew for a fact that this idea would be liked and appreciated by friends and they actually responded nicely to it. A friend suggested to put up the proceedings of this 30 day trial on the blog and liking the idea and becoming punctual and regular once again, I have decided to give it a shot. For me, its just not ends here. Even after Ramadan is over and these 30 days would never come back in my life, I will have a lot of things to hold on to, talk about, learn from and tell people about that I will discover during these 30 days. At any point if I sound as if I am bragging about myself, do let me know. I believe there is no harm in sharing the good things around. Isn’t it?

Here it goes.

Date : 1st Ramadan 1432 Hijri
I thanked : Muhammad Abdullah.
I made her smile : A lady in the bus who was struggling to get a seat and I offered her mine.
I prayed for : My father

Stay blessed and Keep spreading the love around as I always say :)


13 thoughts on “1st Ramadan 1432 Hijri

  1. Awesome!
    I discovered this post via Abdullah, great to know you too inspiration from him and are taking to even higher level.

    30 days of practice might change your life or people who are witness. Best wishes for upcoming surprises. :)

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