2nd Ramadan 1432 Hijri

So it has been a tough day today. Tough time at work gathering the kids together for the meeting and finally ending up meeting a very dear friend of mine and giving him gifts for his kids. Rushing home and getting kachoris and bananas on my way home and having a nice delicious Iftar. My power nap did wonders and I ended up being a little more than fresh to write about today :)

Here goes today’s update!

Date : 2nd Ramadan 1432 Hijri
I thanked : Lubna Erum.
I made him smile : A dear friend who has recently been blessed with a baby girl. Gave him gifts as a surprise. I actually ended up making my own self smile after receiving his Thank you messages. :) So yeah it goes like two way now.
I prayed for : My 2 year old cousin Hasnain.

Keep spreading the love around. Its all in your hands how you do that. :)

Have a blessed Ramadan folks!


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