4th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

It wasn’t really a pleasant start of the day today since my mood fluctuated from being super happy to being super angry but keeping in mind that I was fasting, I did not let it out and thought of this blog that displays positivity and compassion. It would be bad on my part if I don’t follow up on what I keep telling people to do. Right? Well tried to shop at Zainab market but my bad that I didn’t realize it was Friday morning and all shops remain closed during Ramadan before Friday prayers. Ended up going to office and I actually feel good that I went because there I made somebody smile :)

One small thing that came under my observation was the traditional shalwar kurta being worn by unusual number of people as compared to regular Fridays. The streets, roads, areas outside masaajids, offices, banks and all other places created such an ambience for everyone that whoever would see the beautiful sight and spirit of people going for Jumma prayers, would ultimately get attracted to offer 2 Rakaats. I do not question intentions of people when it comes to religious practices because it is different for every single person out there. Its just the spirit of this month that automatically captivates you and mesmerises you that you can’t help holding on yourself to something else other than this month’s festivities.

Date : 4th Ramadan 1432 Hijri
I thanked : Shaima Kiyani.
I made her smile : My collegue Maleeha. I didn’t intend to go to office today but when I did, she welcomed me with a mile long smile and telling me that she was happy to see me and yeah I tried my best to entertain her the entire time :)
I prayed for : The people who are stuck in debris of a collapsed building in my neighbourhood. May ALLAH keep them safe.

Spread the love! For humanity. For peace. For eternal happiness!


5 thoughts on “4th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

  1. I’m following this thank, smile, and pray project of yours. :-)
    It’s going great so far. Love it. <3

    As for the charm of this holy month, can we evade it? Ah, never. It tracks all of us down.

  2. Faryal Hasan says:

    You are doing an amazing work, Aapi. Your posts always make me smile. How do you have such an optimistic approach towards life? :)

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