6th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

Been an O.K day today. Sundays are always like that. Did get a chance to go out to buy fruits but skipped the hang out that was planned for a friend’s farewell. Had to spend time at home since I usually am busy during the weekdays. Oh talking about buying fruits during Ramadan, its one of the bestest things around. We usually buy all the fruits from this one small shop that is in the beginning of fruit market. I can see all the colours, flavours, sizes, shapes, flies, scales, boxes and tiny little dust particles at the same place. Sometimes I feel like standing there for hours and feel the fragrance of different fruits combined together to give me that imaginary flavour of a new-born fruit that doesn’t exist. Human beings are like that. They have all the flavours, all the colours and emotions of all sizes and shapes inside them but they fail to picture the combined effect and see the awesome person inside them that is different, unique and extraordinary as compare to anyone else on earth.

Had a very nice Iftar. My sister makes World’s best channe ki daal wala Pulao :)

Today’s Proceedings:

Date : 6th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Sukaina Mehdi
I made her smile : My long distance cousin’s wife Heena was on highway, driving to Chicago with her kids. ( I didn’t know that till I called her up after Iftar ). She picked up the phone and ofcourse didn’t recognize my number. She goes like its been so long since we talked. Yeah she was right. I was talking to her after 2 years when I went to U.S in 2009. She was really glad and loved hearing from me and I hope I ended up making her smile. :)
I prayed for : My own self. 

Keep spreading the love around!


9 thoughts on “6th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

  1. nice zabardast… very beautiful…ur writings r very impresiveee …i really loved dt m.a jinaah story of 2 babaa jee… n now days em feeling very down bt by reading ds 6th ramadan blog give me energy n strength…..♥ ThankyOu…:)
    can i copy it plzzz i really luv sum lines alot..:)=)

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