8th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

Since I was really tired to post anything last night and the blessings of KESC added to it, here goes the post for 8th Ramadan, I hope its worth the wait. :) Oh and I would like to thank everyone for all the anticipation and encouragement to let me keep my spirits high with this 30 Day Ramadan Trial. :)

Started off my day with 2 and a half hour solo program in the morning ( I use to dream about it at one point in life ). Headed to office, helped with work, went to shopping to 3 places and by the time I was done, the urge of having a large glass of water kept pricking me from inside. Nice Iftar, meeting quite a few acquaintances cum friends, took me to home and I guess I slept right away despite the missing breeze in my room.

I have been learning quite a few things these days. I have a better and clearer picture of life in front of me now. I see things in a different manner, observe them, talk about them. But remember one thing. Life is going to mould you according to the way IT wants. Do not let yourself flow with it. You have to tell the life that Listen lady, I know you want to rule me and my life but I have a gift for you too. The gift of the compassion, passion, skills, adventure and the flare of learning inside me that makes me who I am. Tell the life that you can bribe her with all thats been listed above and trust me, she won’t bother you ever again, letting you live according to your game plan.

Date : 7th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Chase, Naheed’s Super market and Zainab market.
I made him smile : I am on this mission of purchasing gifts for little kids these days. Some of them being relatives too. So ended up at a shop in Zainab market. Found this really nice cartoonish shirt that had a cartoon character ( Cookie monster ) embossed and printed on it. I asked the shopkeeper if it would just wash away in first way to which he replied no. The next thing I said was, what if i try to scratch it away with my nail? That ended up cracking him and saying that’s obvious mam. :) 
I prayed for : Mrs Haider, who lives in our apartments.

Spread the love as much as its needed :)



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