9th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I always try to get ahead of everyone when it comes to starting my day. The habit of not sleeping after Fajar hours is beyond amazing and ideas keep flowing like alternating current in a wire. The anxiety of waiting for the driver to come to pick me up and take me to the radio station, helps me understand the passion in me for Radio. The passion of sitting on that seat where thousands and millions of people just dream about it. The happiness of looking forward to seeing the same place everyday waiting for me to come and completely mould itself with my presence. Its beyond explanation.

With the regular routine I carried forward the day and decided to postpone the post iftar sleep cycle so that I could catch up with a dear friend. Had a very long text conversation with him and then lights went out. Read a chapter from Ashfaq Ahmed Sahab’s book Subhane Afsaane. And the first chapter that caught my eye was Raazdaan “The secret keeper”. I felt myself as one of the characters of the story who knows every single about her closed ones, yet fails to understand the solution to help them come out of their messed up life. But I felt blessed at the same time. Blessed for being so trustworthy and compassionate to let people trust me blindly. It actually helps me gain trust in my own self. It develops the liking for me for my soul and for my patience that I experience while listening to folks I love. Every single thing in this world is meant to be your teacher, you just have to be an obedient student to be taught. These things don’t demand examinations or straight A’s. They are just unconditional teachers who have their brains filled above the danger mark that need to be brought down and seeking students like you, help these small things to survive.

Date : 9th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Rickshaw wala for dropping me home under tough situation of my area.
I made them smile : I was again been blessed with the shopping list. Ended up going to Naheed’s . I had to decide whether to get chicken Nuggets of K&N’s or Menu. I had two customer service representatives on my two sides trying to convince me with the respective brands. I asked them to stop and told them that I feel like I am standing on the border of two countries. Then I asked them to negotiate and have friendly relations with one another and ended up getting Menu’s hot shots ( they are yummy by the way ). They ended up thanking me and I ended up making them smile. :) 
I prayed for : Bilal Khalid and Sher Bano for their upcoming Cambridge result! 

With loads of love, keep spreading the love for life around you.


2 thoughts on “9th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

  1. Faryal Hasan says:

    I love your passion for Radio! So deep! Interesting. :)

    I am following each and every post of this project and trust me, this motivated me to start a project of my own. Thank you so very much for starting and in fact, sharing such an awesome work.

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