10th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

Witnessing the very first rain of the season during late hours of night, I had decided to feel the little droplets of water on my face with the breeze adding to the magic, once I get out of my bed. I got a chance to stand in my window, open it partially and stand there for some moments when I realized I was getting late for work.

I wish there was no time limit by Almighty to enjoy the pleasures of nature anywhere. I could stand by the window for hours, completely lost in the aura of the rain and the breeze and the mesmerizing look of the clouds that was urging me to keep looking at them just like someone asking you to talk eye to eye. The whole atmosphere is like a love affair. You feel you are on cloud nine when the first drop of rain hits you. You smile, flaunt your hair, move your hand out of the window to grab the rain in your small palm, suddenly you feel the cold breeze that brings chills to your spine. You move back a little, seeing the aggression of rain hitting the ground and making everything covered with it. You feel insecure. You look at the clouds and talk to them, ask them to slow it down a little, calming the ambience so that you can fearlessly enjoy the gift they are giving to you.

I have always loved rainy days. They make me feel connected to nature. To this world. To the winds, the clouds, the water. And ultimately to GOD.

Today’s proceedings :

Date : 10th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Tuba Khalid for giving me an opportunity to help someone.
I made myself smile : I was browsing my old collection of Urdu poetry in my head and they all appeared to me page by page, making me feel so blessed to have the skill of putting the rhythm to the words and giving them a shape of poetry. It made me smile, reviving my love for writing a good piece after a very long time. :)
I prayed for : safety of people affected due to rain in Karachi.

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