11th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

One of those days when you don’t get a good start yet you learn something out of it. Today was such a day. Left the studio a bit early to reach the office in time. I guess it wasn’t meant to be that way. Our station’s car had hit the lady who was standing on the road. The driver was rushing, without realizing that he was going the wrong way. We stopped the van. I immediately got down and tried to make the situation a little lighter. Sitting on the footpath, holding her hand, trying to console her and apologizing at the same time for the tragedy she went through. She was weeping like a little child. I asked her if I can take her to hospital to which she refused completely. I asked her where she wanted to go and she just said she wants to go where she works. She was a maid basically. Went to her landlord, apologized from her and came back to the van with a heavy heart.

I realized how insensitive we have become when it comes to situations like these. We think that by consoling somebody who is in sheer pain, we can take all the pain away. Which is not true. It might heal the wounds but it might not heal the fear and terror that stays for a long term in result of an accident. A person is always hopeless and helpless when it comes to such situations. The best thing to do is to pray from Almighty for granting you with the patience and love for humanity.

I can have odd days too. Just that I don’t show.

Date : 11th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Summan Sohail
I didn’t make anyone smile today. I failed to help the lady come out of the mental stress that she went through. But I will try to visit her tomorrow or may be day after to see if she is O.K
I prayed for : Karachi and the people suffering due to target killings.

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