12th and 13th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

Feels so good to see when people actually wait for your posts to be put up and predict that what is going to be in them. Well I would like to say thank you to one such person who has been keeping track of my blogs and loves reading them. That you can see below. :)

So due to unforeseen reasons, I could not come up with the blog yesterday. So talking about yesterday, witnessed strike, home all day, just stepped down to buy fruits and then the entire hype of Independence day celebrations was seen on TV, radio and all other places. Received a phone call from studios that I would be doing the Independence day special Program on the morning of 14th August. The title was Subah-e-Azadi. I didn’t really do any preparations for the program the night before since I was more into the tweeting and facebooking business last night. All display pictures going green, all statuses flaring with Pakistan Zindabad, everybody talking about the world record initiative. Just the talks, just the fame, just the colours were being used to show patriotism and love for the land. Witnessing thunderstorms in different parts of the city and the joy it brought to the faces of the people was really a treat to be seen.

The morning of 14th August welcomed me with the anxiety of reaching the studio in time. On my way, I saw quite a few people gathering at Quaid’s mausoleum to see the guard changing ceremony. With flags in the hands, green t-shirts, painted faces, smiles and laughters, a lot of people were roaming around in the city purposelessly. It was like, every single thing that was green or made-green, portrayed the love for Pakistan. Be it trees, signboards, green signal, parks, political slogans written in green colour, rooftops, crockery, jewellery, bandanas or whatever I could see , gave me a patriotic feeling from inside.

Now that I have talked enough about 14th August, I shall be telling you some practical ways to make the most out of patriotism. I am not against peace rallies or peace walks. I am not against singing national anthem. I am against the mis-utilization of spirit in our youngsters. I object the excessive use of technology just for the sake of throwing in words and nothing else. I love my country as much as all of you. Yet I feel useless if I cannot benefit it in any manner.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country” John F. Kennedy.

Proceedings :

Date : 12th and 13th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Aizaz Bokhari and Sidra Tariq
I made him smile : Abdul Karim. He is like best brother of mine and always ends up making me smile no matter how sad I am. We were chatting yesterday and I ended up cracking couple of really good jokes that ended up making him smile. :)
I prayed for : All the martyrs who lost their lives for the sake of saving our country. May they all be blessed in Jannah. Aameen.

And yes, we need to spread the love!  


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