14th-17th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I apologize for being irregular regarding my blog posts. Since I will be leaving for U.S.A in a few days, there is a lot that needs to be done before that and I have been working on that lately. Family, friends, money, work and yeah my personal goals and aspirations that need to be taken care of. These 4 days were mostly dedicated to socializing and shopping as I would say. Beginning with Monday blues to Tuesday’s fun filled gathering with good old group of friends to eating home made Lasagne by my cooking freak friend to quality time spent at home. Life has been quite normal and peaceful ALHAMDULILLAH. One of the reasons being, I have learned with time about the key to success and happiness that comes within. The key to keep yourself happy and not everyone else around you. Well it goes hand in hand. If you know that you are being the best person around so many people and they admire you for who you are then the feel of ultimate happiness is something you can possibly not let go. Keep in mind that “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up” :)

I see quite a few people going sarcastic and being funny about my blog. Well I really don’t mind that honestly. I like such people more than those who praise and appreciate me. :) Well this is a weird perception to something you feel really close to but that is how my stand on life is. People who would make fun of you, put you down, try to bring the aggression on your face and motivate you to erupt the lava of anger and frustration upon them are the best teachers on this earth. They help you develop the patience inside out. They make you realize you are so awesome that people can envy you for real. They help you take the bad sectors from your mind’s hard disk and do the disk clean up in seconds with any extra clicks of the mouse. They are your friends I tell you. :)

The proceedings won’t be as detailed for 4 days but you can have a look at what had been going on.

Dates : 14th-17th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

I thanked : Komal Ali, Sumair Aftab, Nadir, Kalpana Perwani, Shazia Baji, Ahmed Raza Khan, Humayun Ansari and Firasat Siddiqui.
I made smile : The rickshaw driver in a messed up traffic jam, the shopkeeper on a hot summer day, my colleagues at office while making envelopes to be dispatched, my listeners on Radio. :)
I prayed for : People at Badin who have been suffering miserably after floods, the deceased people in Karachi target killings, Students awaiting results and my friends.

Keep spreading the love around as I always say :)



7 thoughts on “14th-17th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

  1. This trial thingy is seriously something that people of Pakistan need to do very often, even if they don’t blog about it. An amazing idea, I must say.

  2. Basim says:

    Hey Kulsoon – I check your blog from time to time, find it quite inspiring :)
    Was wondering why you’re going to the US, and when would you be back?

    Hopefully I’d get a reply – don’t worry, I’m no stalker, haha.


    • kulsoom says:

      Hey Basim!

      Thanks for appreciating. Well its an official trip for 4 days. Won’t be staying for long . However you would be getting the blog posts on regular basis :)

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