18th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

So it was a busy-at-work day today. Got off late from Radio station, came to work and rushed for the meeting at UNICEF’S field office. A very productive workshop on Behavior Change Communication when it comes to designing community development project was conducted by Alice Clements. Quite a learning experience. Followed by recording for an advertisement in which I had to be the mom and tell my child that her father has sent EIDI already. :D. Well I must say I have been blessed with best colleagues at both the places where I work. We really made fun of every single thing coming our way. Also they help me learn the strategies of working in media and tackling the environment with patience. The day ended with a phone call to a friend who has been posted at Jamrod , witnessing today’s incident.

I wonder why the army and forces of the country have to be present at every single spot of the country to correct the misgoverned and mislead issues. I wonder why can’t the civilians take a stand against all the odds and be trained to be prepared for the worst of times. I wonder why don’t we feel responsible enough for our country any more? This is probably something to be looked upon, something to be taken care of, something we should be striving for as responsible citizens of the country. Let the forces be on borders and let US take the control in our own radii to protect our own people.

Today’s proceedings :

I thanked : Danish Anis Shaikh
I made him smile : I was at Khalid Sweets today to get Rasmalai for Iftaar. While ordering, I checked out the freezer and found Rabri in it. Asked the boy there to add that to Rasmalai to which he gave me an astonishing look and said Mam this is Rabri. I said oh I thought you guys give it complementarily with Rasmalai. Well he smiled at me ( he must be wondering what a crack-head I was ). But it is good to talk to these people sometimes. They work from dawn till dusk and specially during Ramadan they are much needed of what we call a dose of happiness and motivation when everyone is bashing them around. :)
I prayed for : All the victims of the bomb blast incident.

Keep spreading the love around!


5 thoughts on “18th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

  1. Rai M Azlan says:

    interesting and i believe that i havent read anything like that for a long time now. just a normal day account yet interesting and sounds special.
    well now i am following this blog for some more interesting blog posts. stay blessed and keep writing.

  2. I am thinking what did not I read your blog before…. (this one) Its amazing… You now how to make others get in love with your blog… Well I am in love with it… First line made me to read thwhole .. thats awsome.. now here comes a request:
    “Please never stop wrting blogs” :)

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