19th Ramadan 1432 Hijri

Phewww… What a day! I must say. The early hours of the morning are a blessing I tell you. I get such a head start that by the end of the day I am still in my senses to think and pour my little mind on this very hugely managed wordpress blog. ( Not exaggerating  :). Anyhow, good talk-shawk with my friend-cum-Co-RJ, leading to the meeting at Kashan-e-Atfaal ( an orphanage for young girls ), following a couple of hour nap and then moving around on the streets of gulf market, getting picked to go to a mall in North Nazimabad to cover a campaign! I must say I am becoming workaholic now. But I love such productive days when I have so much to talk about things around me and share them here.

Mishaps and misunderstandings can be biggest of all blessings you may come across. I witnessed couple of traffic jams today. Despite the city situation when everyone is scared to step out of his/her house, people are brave enough to move around during late hours of night and show that in-your-face attitude to the authorities that no matter what happens, we are going to survive. We are going to live our lives. We love our city as much as anyone else and we will keep loving it, helping the world to understand the brave spirit of every citizen of the city Karachi.

Punctured tires can be pain at times when you have to rush to a place and reach in time. When you cannot possibly be late at any cost. But trust me, the delays caused by transportation issues, can be utilized in encapsulating patience inside you. Freaking out, yelling at driver and making tons of phone calls won’t repair the puncture right? Why not utilize that time in doing something productive. For instance I started talking to a kid who was a begger and those 10 minutes helped me learn so much about that young child. I looked around the deserted roads, wondering about the life of people after Iftaar, thinking about the peace that Ramadan brings to the lives of people, the calmness in traffic, the sanity in craziness, the love in sadness, the piety in obnoxiousness. This is what Ramadan is all about. Learning, appreciating, loving and living a better life. :)

Today it was like this.

I thanked : Mariyam Kamran

I made him smile : A begger child on the street. It was astonishing for me to hear something from him that I could not even understand in first place. He came to me saying, give me something, GOD will bless you with Pagero and VTI-Oriel ( I think I heard that ). I was surprised and I asked him what are you talking about? He said these are big cars. I said dude I just need a small car to start with. Also pray for my happiness and a better led life. To which he didn’t react. I asked him if he went to school and he said yes. Then after a random chit chat I told him I will visit his school and would meet him up there. He smiled and walked away. :)
I prayed for : A friend posted in Kurram Agency.  


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